Food for thought

There was a team from Hamilton called the Cats.
Who quickly became the CFL doormats.
At 1-7 their season looked bleak.
Even with the tackling of a rookie named Zeke.

Their fans became PO’d game after game.
Often their QB was the target of their blame.
After reviewing their season, which was now at half.
Could the real problem be, the head coach, Mr. Taaffe? :x

Well, at least it's creative.

It not all Charie
Mostly it is his Choise of Staff.
Their Choise in Players.
ect ect ect ..

This food for thought is making me thirsty, to wash down the food and wash away the game. I picked one hell of a week to quit drinking (skim milk).

Actually it made me think of those classics of English literature--

"There once was a QB from Nantucket"

"There once was a QB named Dave" (sorry that doesn't scan as well)