Food for Thought: Hypothetical Kicking Situation

So on field goals, if an attempt is missed and a single conceded, the team scored on scrimmages next from the 35 yard line or the previous line of scrimmage whichever is further from goal.

So what about the hypothetical situation of a placekick from scrimmage taken in front of the line of scrimmage when said line of scrimmage is beyond the 35? Let's say we throw a forward pass from here and magically have the time to place the ball and kick it as a field goal attempt. Now lets say said attempt misses and we score a rouge instead. So what happens now? Does the team scored on now scrimmage from the line of scrimmage or the 35?

No difference "If the single point was scored as the result of an unsuccessful field goal attempt, the team scored against may elect to scrimmage the ball at any point between the hash marks on its own 35-yard line or at the previous line of scrimmage".

A drop-kick on the same play is still a field goal attempt by rule, therefore all the rules that apply to field goals still apply.

"For the purposes of this Article, a drop kick or place kick shall, without exception, be deemed to be a field goal attempt."