Food and Beverages

My cousin and I have had season's tickets for over 10 years now and we have seen our share of foods and pricing. My question to the owner is why are we paying $8.00 for a beer now; the last game my cousin believes he only paid 6.75, is this true? I'm not sure as I don't usually buy a beer. Anyway my other real frustration was why did they change the sausages from the Italian version which were larger and fit perfectly into the buns to the new Denningers sausages. The new sausages were smaller and all I tasted was the bun. I want to eat mainly meat not mainly bread. I realize profits need to be made but I was quite dissappointed in the new sausages(smallness)of them and the Toronto prices of beer. Please return the sausages back to the larger ones where I actually feel I'm getting my moneys worth. :x

Better Quality equals more profits

The team is in a shambles and we're talking about sausages. Unbelievable.

Your cousin payed $6.75 for a tin of beer and you paid $8.00 for a 20oz draught. As far as the sausage goes, I'll take your word for it :wink:

MTL NTG- There are enough comments on here about the current team and how they are performing. Things occurring in the stadium such as food, music, service are just as important to make comments about. Owner Bob wants feedback whether good or bad. DavidC, thanks for your response to the beer price as you are probably right.

I'm coming back to Hammer next summer for a few weeks. Anyone know where I can get a good hot dog, a cold beer and some good music and commentary?

At the tail gate parties.

I had a Dennigers sausage saturday night and had the worst heartburn,I agree the italian one was way better!!!

Probably at a Forbidden Website party... lol

The question isn't why are you paying $8.00 the question is are you willing to pay $9.00!?

You want pay for it. Supply and demand economics!

And as W.C. Fields said "There's a s.ucker born every minute"

Denningers Garlic sausage and good bun :thup:

And if you're a vegetarian... or like to eat anything remotely healthy - stay home - or starve.

Do what I do - eat at home before the game. Bratwurst braised in beer ususlly works for me... :smiley:

It's a welcomed distraction to give us something other to debate rather than our woeful offence. The PA guy serves the same purpose in this same regard.

Wait a that why they're doing it to us? It's all so clear to me now.

Just out of curiosity....which sporting venues do serve or offer a vegetarian or healthy option?

Any of the stadia I've attended basically stick with the sausage/dog/fries and a coke type menu.

Canucklehead, I only attend this place, so I don't know what others do - or are supposed to do. I don't suggest anyone has to go out of their way to offer vegetarian or healthy snacks either. It would be nice though. It would be nice if the rules could be bent, just a little, to at least allow such a tiny minority of people who want to, to bring in a baggy of carrot sticks etc... I don't think that would make the team go broke. With so many people becoming unhappy with the product on the field, perhaps giving a little in this area WOULD make customers feel better - and more comfortable coming back. No price reductions on tickets... but relax the rules the snacks we can bring in. Sound reasonable?

carrot sticks at a football game?

If Dick Butkus could only read this.

When did this happen?