Foo Foo today

It’s playoff time for fudge’s sake! The forums have been down for most of the day.


simply pathetic

Yeah, that was pretty bad. Peak “what we’ve all been waiting for” time, and the forums were down.

Maybe for the Grey Cup, we can take the whole CFL site off line?

Maybe they wanted people to be watching the games…


Is there any word on why they were down ?

The servers couldn’t handle all the increased traffic from Japan, Mexico, and Europe.

That’s my guess, anyway. 8)

…double foo foo, I’d say!!!

…Johnny for the W…

Lol! Yeah Randy Ambroise’s CFL 2.0 has exceeded fan expectations.
Now we just need to figure out how the league financially capitalizes on this new found popularity.

Unfortunately the forums had a sustained denial of service attack on them yesterday; the software we run is uniquely vulnerable to being taken down ( is much hardier because it's "read only" to the public).

I spent a lot of yesterday looking into what it'd take to move us to newer forum software (Discourse) but couldn't figure it out on my own; I'll have to look at professional services to get this done instead. Will give it an attempt as soon as the offseason hits.

Or we all could just make accounts no another forum, replace our forum with a link to it and effectively take it over…


Well at least there appears to be enough interest iin the CFL to take down the CFL’s server.


I thought the same thing. The bad guys actually care about us now!

Thanks for responding Sully,
I for one appreciate the work you put in and am sure you did everything you could to get us back on while we were enjoying a great day of fantastic CFL playoff football.
I would give you a thumbs up emoji if there was one. (hint,hint) :wink: :slight_smile:


Thanks sully
PS-cant believe the most logged in was over 5,000 :o

Thanks Sully

But be aware… just because we appreciate and respect you does NOT mean we won’t mock you! 8)

Clearly the work of Roger Goodell and his evil minions.