Following Through: Steinauer seeks impact w/ Ticats

If you’ve listened to Orlondo Steinauer in interviews, you start to notice certain patterns.

The head coach and recently-named president of football operations of the Hamilton Tiger-Cats deflects opportunities to talk himself up and will instead spread praise to the people that work around him. He sometimes simplifies his role within an organization that’s enjoyed a great amount of success over the last two seasons, playing in back-to-back Grey Cups, with he and his players racking up annual award nominations and wins along the way.

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This was a wonderful moment!

Big Teddy lookin Boss!

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Nice write up,
He has earned everthing he has got! :+1:

The CFL league has a lot of black & White personnel in it doing a lot of different functions. I don't look at the people and say they are black or they are white, I look at them as great personnel doing a great job. One day, as stated in this write-up, maybe everyone will look at the person rather than their race, gender or religion and just appreciate the work they do for the league.

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Great article. Bernie Custis was a local superstar , but very humble. As well as his great CFL career, he coached young athletes at Junior Varsity, College, and University levels. All while pursuing an excellent career as an elementary teacher and principal. As Coach O said, it is comforting to see Bernie Custis Secondary School across Cannon Street from THF.

My bro teaches at Bernie Custis.

The Tiger-Cats are VERY present in that school. Big Teddy and Simoni will drop in unannounced.

The kids LOVE Big Teddy.

That's how you get young fans.


Coach "O" should have been fired immediately after his teams 2021 Grey Cup loss :exclamation: Instead the Cats add a new title as President :question: He is way overrated and much to conservative. Conceding a single point with 1:57 in the game cost the Cats the 2021 Grey Cup :bangbang:

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I can say this here because this is NOT a Ticats forum have not an iota of common sense or knowledge. I am sure MOST Ticat fans will agree with what was just said. If you are so smart why are you not the guy in charge in Hamilton.

Ace is actually a pretty knowledgeable fan, but he does have a bee up his bonnet about Steinauer. We all need someone to hate don't we, let him have his fun😉. Hey Ace, where's the picture?

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I'm not a Coach O apologist.

Ace is more correct than he is incorrect.


Can’t agree with you. Not a Hamilton fan but Steinhauer deserves a lot of credit for his work in making the Ticats the class of the East and taking them to consecutive Grey Cups. I have read a lot of praise on this forum for other executives with far less recent success, most notably Hufnagel, who has failed to make Calgary a threat to win it all since 2018 and is doing no better this year. By your tough standards, all executives (and perhaps coaches) except for Bomber executives, should walk the plank because they have failed to win recently. That is not reasonable or realistic nor is it possible to build a winning culture if winning the Grey Cup is the only immediate standard by which you are judged. That is of course the ultimate standard, but the Bombers, for example, endured several years of not winning with their present executive before becoming the success they are today. And they weren’t even as close to winning as Steinhauer and the Cats have been for most of that time.

I will also repeat my opinion that the single point didn’t cost the Cats the GC. Was it a good call? No. But even if they did bring it out to their 20-25 and didn’t fumble, which would have been the likely result of a return, there is no guarantee that they would have marched down the field and kicked a field goal into the wind with 7-10 seconds less to do so. The Bomber defence has a way of bending but not breaking.

There are numerous other plays in the game that could be isolated and in theory blamed for the Cats GC loss. Turning it over on downs. Horrific punting and the resulting loss of field position. Failing to catch the last second TD that, although tipped by Nicholls, was in my opinion still catchable and probably should have been caught. Taking a holding penalty in OT. Using terrible judgement in throwing a pass in OT that was intercepted by what appeared to be triple coverage and didn’t even come close to reaching the Hamilton receiver. A Hail Mary might have been better. And it was only second down. Arguably the only reason the Cats were in the game was because of the free 7 points they were awarded at the end of the first half because of the missed hands to the face call against Lawrence, which if called would almost certainly have allowed the Bombers to run out the half. So although the single point may have been ill advised, there is no way that can be isolated as the sole cause of the loss or used as justification for firing Steinhauer.

As a Ticat outsider I will criticize Steinhauer for one aspect of the conceded single point. That is his failure to take full responsibility and as a result effectively throwing Tim White and Jeff Reinebold under the bus. His explanation that it was up to White to decide and the almost immediate unexplained departure of special teams coordinator Reinebold leave it open to speculation as to who was responsible for the call, which looks much worse in retrospect than it actually was. Remember that there was no indication whatsoever that the Cats were likely to move the ball downfield against the wind and the fact that they did so was in itself a minor miracle. A leader should have taken the opportunity to fall on his sword, whether he made the call or not. In my view that was a mistake, but not enough reason to fire Steinhauer. If you are aware of executives that never make a mistake I believe there are 9 CFL teams that would like to hear from you.


Not worthy of a picture. He was a dam good defensive back with my hometown Argos.

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Thanks for your support Hammertown. I call it like I see it. :face_with_monocle: :rofl: :black_heart:


I get why he wasn't fired (really, who else we going to bring in), but the fact that he was promoted made me sick to my stomach.

that is our Tiger-Cat culture. Rewarding losing.


As a Ticat fan , this post is well-written and makes some good points. I criticized every TiCat coach at some point during their tenure, some more than others (hello David Beckman), but i will always support my team. The danger is when fan apathy sets in: better to criticize your team than to not care.

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I find that it is often easier to objectively view a team that you have no emotional involvement with. Like many Bomber fans, I too for years criticized O’Shea and in particular his play calling and in game decisions. Two Grey Cup wins now make him a local hero. While his play calling and in game decisions could still improve, he is and always has been as good as any coach in instilling comraderie and a team concept among his players. The reality is that 8 teams won’t win the GC in any given year which will invite criticism from their fans, especially the ones who care as you say.

Post of the year! So many reason we lost that game. White giving up the single would be 5 or 6th down on the list. What would have , could have, happened is all speculation. Winnipeg would have played a much different defense if they were only up by two. The fact that we were first and goal at the 5 with plenty of time left is something people don't talk about enough.

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Agreed post of the year... fans calling for a coaches head or a players head be forced to read this reply until logic sinks in


I am always open to a good career opportunity. :rofl: However my first love is Hockey :exclamation:. I am quite content with my TESOL teaching career in the Kingdom of Thailand. :star_struck:

Mr. Hockey & Wayne-Take 2

Dereck Sanderson

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Looks like the picture of Gretzky and the dear departed Hawerchuk was taken at the winter classic at IG Field.

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