by DDDDDDD on Sun Nov 09, 2008 9:45 am

Despite being a new poster, a 50 years Leos fan, and having had my post 'DEFENCE WINS CHAMPIONSHIPS' removed twice
last week...I'm going to try one more time. After yesterday's performance it is clear...DEFENCE WINS CHAMPIONSHIPS.
They controlled the game and the offense was able to eventually capitalize. Can or will they do the same in Calgary?
Facing a better passing and running attack...tougher man-man d to contend with? I welcome the realistic opinions of others...
in doing so please go with your head rather than your heart.

EDITOR NOTE: if you once again feel it is necessary to delete this post...I would appreciate at very least, an explanation
to my personal email explaining the same.

"Good luck Lions"

Your post on the main board was never deleted.

It depends which Lions defense shows up, the one that got burned badly in the season finale against a team with nothing to play for but pride, or the one that shutdown the Riders a week later?

Thanks jm02...this was in reference to the B.C. board. Ironically this message too (if you check) has been re-edited without consulting me. What is more frustrating, is that despite my one has or will explain why.
I respect the jobs moderators have to do...but some are taking indiscriminate editing to new level.

We don't control the B.C. board anymore. You'll want to ask Lions Comm why your topic was deleted, if it was...

Sorry, but I can't help you there...the B.C. forum is patrolled by a different moderator than you see here...

Thanks guys & or gals for both your replies and the opportunity to openly post on your site.
Perhaps more open-mindedness would see some much required life in the B.C. board.
Enough on this...let's get back to the topic...ironically, being DEFENSIVE...