follow the QB's

We all know making inter division trades can bring the heat ,especially high profile ones. My point being ,Glenn ending up a Bomber via the Argos was a very strategic move, now concidering Barrett and Pinball are close could the Riders have the favour returned......maybe a Spergon Wynn.........not a chance!

Forget trades. I want Shivers to show he is worth his weight by signing some NCAA hotshot. With all the QB’s churned out of the states, there has to be one good one available. I want our scouts to show us that they can actually find a QB, not just trade for one. Who was our last QB find? I can’t think of one that was noteable, except Glenn if he came up in our system.

Riderfanatic, I am not sure how old you are or if you can even remember back far enough for our last QB find. The only one that I can think of is Austin. I am not sure if Burgess who was also with us in '89 started with us or not. (BTW in typical fashion Burgess won the GC again with the BB right after we let him go.) Austin would have likely played with us until retiring if it weren't for our wonderful GM at the time (Al Ford) who was too cheap and set a goal of 3rd place each year. We didn't even bring Lancaster into the league and I am not old enough to know about Dobb's or other QB's of the past. In reality we have likely only brought in 1QB that has been a star in the past 50 years. I wonder why we only have 2 GC's

I am old enough to remember the great find of Joey 747 Adams. I agree, our history of QB finding is deplorable, but my frustration is this. We don't get the free agents, so our only option is new signings. Shivers knows our top three weaknesses, yet he appears to be doing nothing to fill those. Throw on top of that the Rider team being third in the league for payroll with a team that really shouldn't have been top three in payroll makes me rethink my support of him as GM. I expect some big action or signings or I will join the chorus of Ridr fans calling for his head in November if the team falls short.

Bottom line, I want Shivers to show he is the great finder of talent and announce a significant signing, preferrably in 2006.

If Shivers is a great finder of talent, how do you explain him not seeing Clermont and Ryan, who are both Regina products!! He may be finder of American talent, but he sucks when it comes to finding good CANADIAN talent , which is very important in this league