Foley to SSK.

Couldn't care less where he went just as long as it wasn't here.
Guess what ? Rider fans think it's an awesome signing.

Well, he is good, mabye he wanted too much dough?

Is he?
Always thought of him as a Belli but at the end of the line. Tons of talk, attention seeking, but modest, average play for the most part.

Ricky Foley didn't even register among the top 40 in defensive stats for last season. If he wanted more money, unless the films showed a completely more positive story, Toronto would have been unwise to grant it.

However, Foley did grumble about the way he was deployed under the Chris Jones schemes, so maybe he wanted a change of scenery for himself.

Either way, it's unlikely that team will miss him.

Did Foley do so, publicly? I know his brother sure did in these forums, but did Foley himself ?

Exactly how I feel. Didn't give a damn where he signed just as long as he didn't sign with the Ti-Cats.

Me too. Now Kuale would have been a different story.

I agree with you three. The Kuale signing is another case where Popp was top. He likely contacted Kuale, when he was released in early December to accomodate his desire to shop his wares around the big league, and gave him rea$on to make his first call to MTL if he didn't find what he was looking in the U.S.

I never heard him comment publicly about it, but I remember reading and hearing about it on sports radio.

Here's an article that discussess it and other things related...

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