Foley Signs with Riders !

Dead wrong. He is VERY talented. Let him go after the QB and he will get him. The Riders have sorely lacked pass rush for far too long. I know Taman loves to go after big names for the sake of it, but whether he knows it or not, he made the major coup of the off season.

Folks say he has a bad attitude because of why? He said he agreed to terms with BC and then signed with the Argos? I've seen a lot worse.

He was never captain swagger only to whine when his team lost the GC.
He never stuck is thumb in anyone's eye.
He never earholed a guy then did a pipe show over the twitching body.
He never wrenched someone's elbow apart or made a throat slash and claimed it was a cross.

Bad attitude? I'm sure there are nicer guys but come on. What is it, the tattoos?

For what the Riders have planned for him and their defensive scheme and rotation he could not be more of a great fit. Chambalain has already staed that the Riders will have a 3 DE rotation. Foley'e job in that rotation will be pass rush specialist which is the thing he is great at. Pretty hard for a team to get 3 import DEs on the 42 man roster. Foley is as good as any Pass rush DE in the CFL and will take a spot on the non import part of the roster and will rotate out on different situation where the two import DEs will be on the roster to specialize is other jobs of a DE such as run stopper.
More teams will be at least looking to find a Canadian DE that could fill one of the roles of a three man DE rotation.
The Argos last year making Foley part of the 7 ratio players put him in the game more on every down which often put him in a bad position to do other things that he was not comfortable with.
The lack of the Argos not having a Non Import DT to be able to rotate in a package with import 3rd DE and the starting of an import Safety Jordan Younger opposed to Non import Safety Matt Black also put the Argos into that bad position. Although Younger was a good Safety even coach Milanovich praised Black as being able to be a starting safety on many teams in the CFL and the Argos also had a veteran Back up in Etienne Boulay who dressed every game when he joined the Argos restricted to special teams and some cover two specialized defenses.