Foley Signs with Riders !

Hot off the presses Canadian pass rush end just signed with the Riders.


is that real or a bogus post? ......

if its valid,, we will see what he can do in camp... not sure what I think of this again, but maybe and hopefully I'll be singing his praises at mid-season,, and I am open to that

OK,, apparently it's for real ... here is the link :

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I am surprised he is no longer an Argo. After the GC last year he was in tears having won the Cup in his home town playing for this home team. Their loss our gain I hope. I hope he is an upgrade from Willis. The fact that he is Canadian is a big plus.

Indeed being Canadian is a huge plus. According to the Rod Pederson that they will be planning a DE rotation with Foley being part of the Canadian part of the game day roster will enable the Riders to have him rotate with two imports.

I would think for the 7 starting NI:
4 on the OL
1 S
1 DT
1 WR (Hargraves / Baggs)
Redundancy is likely to be filled at the LB position with Hurl and Black.

They would start Foley and have a designated import to cycle in unless their confidence in Wellman has shot through the roof. He therefore is not a huge impact on the ratio.

SB would likely take another designated import, so that they can get Dressler and Simon in at the same time.

The third would be dependent on the game and player conditions, most likely going to a WR...likely Carr. This would give them the ability to have Carr, Dressler, Simon, Foster, Sanders and Sheets on the field at the same time. Carr taking a post, Dressler a flag, Simon left Flat, Foster short right/center and then having Sanders running off-line /screens. Scary combination.

Having a Canadian at LB would be huge if you wanted to drop into a 3-4 man over.

They are actually going to be in great shape with the Ratio starters.

4 on the Oline is correct
1 Safety also Butler and Newman will move to back up safety
2 REC Getzlaff and one other Bagg leading candidate if he stays healthy. Can't go with McHenry again hard nose plyer but not a threat. Hargraves and Sisco both have something to prove we will see which one wants it more.
2 DT Sholo and if they can get Charles in the draft. Edmonton has an over flow of Canadian DTs so the loser may wind up being released but still be a good player. Similar to the overload of import MLBs that Calgary had last year. McCune to Toronto and Lobo right in Riderville.

eh, don't like this signing.. Last time Foley was good was when he played along side Cam Wake.. and anybody in the league would look good playing next to Wake its like how Stevie Baggs looked good next to Chick, but has been crappy since. He is a mediocre rush end, and I am not a big fan of his personality/attitude..

The difference is that Foley is Canadian. So they can use him strictly as a pass Rush specialist if needed. They are planning on using a rotation of 3 DEs because with Foley as a Canadian there will be roster space to make that happen meaning less snaps a game meaning better production as he gets older.

Less snaps doesn't equal more production for guys who aren't that good in the first place. He has had 1 good year in his whole career and since or before that he hasn't come close to 10 sacks. We have mediocre pass rushers right now, why do we need another? We need someone who can get 10+ sacks a year! Foley is already 30 and likely won't improve any, in fact I he will likely slowly decline..
The fact that he is Canadian is meh to me. I believe we won't have problems with the ratio right now as it is so I would have far rather seen Taman not waste his money on an old mediocre player, and grab some guy who either got skipped over in the draft and the rookie free agent signing or some other guy who has been spending time on practice rosters. Could have easily found a better player than Foley doing that, and hopefully a guy with a better personality fit for the riders.

If he puts my foot in my mouth and comes out and plays well, good! but until then I think its a bad signing.

That is a fair statement about Foley but the Riders are also bringing in a lot of those import DEs that you are speaking about so they amy be having the best of both worlds is a great possibility.
You have to admit that last year they began putting a lot of pieces in place and this year they are completing what is turnong out to be a very balnced roster of Young players, Veterans, and guys hitting their prime.

indeed. There has been clear recognition of the weaknesses the past couple seasons, and actions made to try to fill those needs. A lot of teams get stagnant and try to do minor tweaking to make things work. Rider management is clearly prepared to take large steps to improve.

Last year the OL got a lot of attention as well as the secondary. They also made some moves like Carr and new faces like Foster for a struggling Receiving corps. They also knew the running game needed beefed up...I'd say that was accomplished. Perhaps the biggest thing that impressed me last year was that when they were in trouble with LBs that Lobendahn and Ferri were plucked up to fill the void...that is great awareness of experienced guys that are sitting (granted I think that was mainly Alex Smith, who is now gone)

This year they are clearly bringing people in to compete at DE and DT as well as completing their Secondary needs.

Problem is, who else is there? I can gaurntee if Taman traded our first round pick for the most prolific pass rusher in the leauge, half the people on this site would lose their mind, free agency had really nothing to offer, and I don't believe the draft does either. If there's one position shortage in the CFL it's pass rushing DE's. Foley is the best option so we got it. It sure isn't anything to get super excited about but he isn't something to scoff at either.

It has already been well documented on the sportscage that Taman and the Riders are bringing a lot of new import DE to fill that position. It is a shortage everywhere in football and Taman has made it a priority to get the best that they can possibly get Foley is just the start and it is true that there are really non already in the CFL to trade for. Hamilton has gone a route and have two Canadians under contract in 2nd year player from Laval Fortin and the former Rider Williams the will be moving him back to DE. Also have Gadon from Laval was a 2012 draft pick yet to sign.
Look for quite a few new names in the CFL at that pass rush end position.
Taman ffom the riders and Jones form the Argos are the two guys who have really brought in some new NFL experienced and rookie new imports to the CFL and look for more this year

Well said.

I believe the Riders are sitting ok at DE. Tops in the league...probably not...not since the Chick days...but ok. Foley is a respectable DE, and Hawkins is great at containment...though he is not a top guy for breaking through the line, he can contain the edge very well. I still think Veikune is the club's top rush end, not sure how he is against the run. I could see then cycling Veikune and Hawkins, and when Veikune is in they could really pin their ears back and get of them will need doubled up on as they are both solid rush ends. This also might take some of the double teams off of Sholo, who received a lot of attention by OLs last year.

Then they have Rowe and a couple new guys, plus likely a couple more along the way. After that there are NFL cuts if they need someone. On top of that I wouldn't be shocked to see Chris Ellis back.

That is where the riders are headed DE by commitee rotation and specialist. Foley will certainly part of the rotation and be in on those all out pass rush situations which is his thing. foley being Canadian will allow them to dress that one extra DE that most teams will not be able to do.

In a recent interview with coach Chamblain he came right out and said what i had suspected that Foley will be strictly a pass rush specialist which is what Foley wanted to do. They are going to turn him lose to rush the passer. In a passing league that puts him in on a lot of downs but appears will be rotated with some run stoppers at DE. Being Canadian makes this possible with limited amount of Import spots on the roster at a position that is almost exclusive to imports enable the Riders to dress an extra DE each game that will be a huge part of the defense.

You can see from last year that Riders coaching staff is not afraid of using the whole defensive roster in different situations. When Lobo arrived you can see that he was often taken out on 2nd and long for sure passing downs where he would bring in Sam Hurl and diamond Ferry.

I'm thinking the best thing about this signing is that is 1 less Canadian spot that they have to use on Offence to plug Getzlaf in, in order to to make the non import quota.

I do not think they plan on using Foley as part of the starting ratio but rather rotate him with 2 other import DEs.
DT will most likely be a spot on defense in which will be one of the seven ratio spots with Sholo starting possibily getting Charles in the draft to rotate or even Zack Evans a possible back up at DT that is a stretch.
Foley will however take a spot on the 20 Non import roster spots which could enable the Riders to have a solid DE rotation as well as keeping import ricky schmidt to do the punting. last year Foley was the only Canadian DE to either start or see a lot of time in a rotation at DE.