Foley signs with Argos

Just saw it on the Argo website---He signed a contract through 2012.

An Argo-Cat fan

I would suggest that Foley be careful. I've just read on the Spectator's Scratching Post that the CFL is investigating the move that Foley made from BC to Toronto. Foley was technically on the BC roster as of Tuesday morning, and then later that same day is reported to have signed with the Argos. Obviously, the league is keeping an eye on the potential conflicts of interest between BC and Toronto, since they have the same owner. This certainly doesn't help either team in the public view.

If anything the league will be extra diligent, just like when a teacher has their own kid as one of their students, can't show favouritism. Not a concern for me and the league will look at this carefully for sure.

The Argo offer was reported to be the best, even when Foley was talking about going back to BC because he was familar with the team and all that stuff. But if you don't put your John Henry on the paper you're not officially signed. But on the surface it did seem like a quick turn around. His agent may have had something to do with it, the more money Foley gets the more the agent receives.
I think the only thing Cohan will investigate is to ask Dave Braley what to say. I think he should say that its the old Argo bounce. :wink: much for the Argos not having much space with their salary cap.

Salary cap :lol: the league don't tell Braley what to do, Braley tells the league what to do.

What a joke

Tricky stuff.
If David Braley can show that he leaves all signings up to each GM and he is not involved...maybe the league will be satisfied that Foley's change of team is OK.
The CFL needs to bend over backwards to make the fans aware that the Foley deal is above board.
Let's hope the rumours about Braley selling the Lions are correct.

8) 8) His agent had nothing to do with Foleys decision to go to the Argos !!
 Foley said that his family wanted him to play closer to home, and that is why he chose Toronto.

 After verbally committing to BC, and even being on the radio in Vancouver telling everyone how happy he was to be back

 with the Lions, he pulls this stunt.

 Any man, who is not a man of his word, is not much of a man to begin with !!

I totally thought he was back with BC. Oh well. Another verbal agreement that isn't worth the paper it's written on. Sometimes the character of a person is just as important as the talent.

What a flake.

The blue team is a lot better today than LDC: Foley, Medlock, and DT Walter Curry recently cut from the NFL.

"Another verbal agreement that isn't worth the paper it's written on. "
A verbal agreement is just that - verbal.
What do you mean by: 'isn't worth the paper it's written on'? What paper?
A verbal agreement does not bind him to any Team. It just makes him look bad, if he turns around & does something other than what he said....

:cowboy: :cowboy: :cowboy:

That's why you don't make announcements before having the paperwork done. Wally should know better.

Oh Boooooo Hooooo. So many complainers. I didn't hear any Ti-Cat fans in the forums crying foul when we lost our top offensive player of 2009 to BC (Jamal Robertson). That happened AFTER Braley took over the Argos. If you're gonna cry foul when it works in our favour then cry foul when it works against us.

I don't recall too many Ticats fans complaining when Casey Printers left the Alouettes waiting at an airport in Vermont for him to get off a flight he cancelled after changing his mind and signing with Hamilton. That signing didn't work out too well, obviously, but at the time a lot of Hamilton fans were quite content to overlook the double-cross/changed mind. Now that Foley does it, a lot of people around the league are ripping him. Bottom line -- you want to be sure of getting a free agent, get him to sign a contract.

The Argos just signed 3 A-level guys (Curry, Foley and Medlock) for the stretch drive. All of a sudden the D-line has improved 25% in my opinion and Medlock will win a game or two on his own. Obie better do something to keep pace with the Argos because the Cats as they stand today aren't good enough.

An Argo-Cat fan

Why would any TiCat fan complain about a player coming to their senses and getting out of Hog Town?

No one is crying for you.

Argos Suck (and cry like babies)

Perry Lefko reported recently that the Argos have almost no cap room, yet they just signed Foley and are going after Baggs too.

Toronto obviously doesn't care if they bust the cap this year, if doing so gets them into the playoffs.

He "SAID"? As in verbal? Just like Foley SAID he would sign with the Lions? Just like Brett Farve SAID he would retire.