Foley is back!

Now that Foley's return is confirmed, I sincerely HOPE that this results in replacing Crawford at safety. The ratio allows for it. DO IT WALLY! Please, don't let another game go by without improving our pass-coverage.

Agreed...Reddick is the obvious choice... it's his natural position...he played the position in college.

OK so in a previous post I stated that Foley would sign with someone else. Well I eat my words... kind of nice that a guy who could make more elsewhere comes back here for less because he feels this is where he wants to be. That is good, and he will help make our defense stronger... let's see what other changes happen as a result of this.

When Crawford was coming in as an extra DB and on special teams I thought he was showing himself very well and deserved a chance to start at Safety. Now that he's got that chance he has been a bit of a flop. It almost seems he's getting more tentative every game. A Safety has to play aggressively within limits; Crawford just seems to be sitting back too much and acting as the last faint hope on busted coverage rather than getting in there and making plays.

Too bad Foley signed with the Argos!!