Foley and Emry swap teams in trade

Get a life and stop being rude with stupid comments.
I can say the same thing about you, but I chose to take the high road as we all have an opinion.
As a season ticket holder of many years, I watch the D lineman closely.
Stats can be misleading and yes Foley although having a good year stats wise, was not the force with the Riders as a rush end.
Most definitely he was not the player with the Argos last time around as being platooned pretty much the last year.
I stand by my comment about both Emry and Foley.
Who knows maybe a switch of scenery will reinvigorate their career?

I suspect he's still banned, Would be up to the new owner to unban.

If you're "watching" the DLine, you e obviously got ZERO clue what you're looking at. Are you sure you're not at the UofT games "watching" the DLine for Varsity?

Foley produces at an All Star level - - in the MUCH tougher division - - and you insist he had an "off year". Of course you're going to stand by your misguided assessment. When you're that wrong you might as well be strong about it too.

The only reason Foley was "platooned" in 2012 was because Ego Jones was on a power trip. Once the playoffs started though, you never saw the mediocre David Lee or EJ Kuale sub in at DE. And of course Foley's production during those 2012 playoffs speaks for itself.

Foley led all DEs in tackles again last year and was third in the league for sacks. How do you "reinvigorate" that? Please advise what level of production you think would be acceptable for a top flight DE - - 15 sacks and 70 tackles? 20 sacks and 80 tackles? 25 sacks 95 tackles and 5 INTs?

You and I both know that regardless of what stats Foley puts up and regardless of whether he wins his third championship in the last four seasons, your going to insist his performance didn't measure up to your eagle eye scouting of the DLine. Maybe if Foley wore sleeves all season and kept the tats covered, you wouldn't be so intimidated and could see the game differently when you're not frightened.

Surprising trade. Sad to see Foley go. He was a great player on the field and a great addition to our community during his time here. I've always like Emry's play, particularily when he was in Montreal, and am excited to see what he will bring to the mix.

In an overlook at this trade looking back at 2014 the Riders top National Players on defense were decimated by the expansion draft and Free Agency. Gone along the Dline were starting and all star DT Keith Sholo and an up an coming DT in Zack Evans which made a Dline with some great balance with top Nationals. Foley was the only one to remain. As well losing S/Will LB Butler and another up and coming safety/teams player in Newman.
Now with Emery, the not quite ready for prime time Hurl can again continue to grow, if they re sign him, packaged on defense and play teams.
In Toronto with the signing of their finally first round draft pick MLB from the Chiefs is likely what the Argo's are thinking. Along with a great Back up in Yurichuk. Who both in BC and Toronto was seen as too important to the teams but every time he got his chance to play as a regular LB he produced.
On the DLine for the Argo's with a young star in the making of Laing at DT and now Foley against DE. The Argo's have two prime starters on the Dline making a rotation much more easier.
An unhappy Foley wanted out of Toronto with the unique Chris Jones D having him dropping into coverage. This is no longer the case and he will be able to be the superb rush end he is. Hands down the best National rush end for some time now.

The Riders traded star for star with these two National players with a much bigger need at MLB. They still have Broudeux who is a free agent and speculation of NFL attention but so far nothing has happened. Also as well there is a steady influx of International Des coming in with NFL experience as well as younger guys who slip through the cracks. As we see with the number of CFL Des that the NFL pluck each year. As well guys like Chick are returning and are even better when they left. Justin Hickman is still a free agent with Hamilton so far.
Much more of an abundance of quality veteran, All Star, and younger National DTs to rebuild National depth on the Rider Dline to start of be a key rotation guy.
The Argo's are still solid with National S, LB, and now have greatly improved their National DLineman.

Good post Steve!!

Well, it would not shock me if someday we learned that he had been affected by this depression, PED's, and maybe even football-related concussions. Sounds like he getting good medical care though, so hopefully everything turns out great for him.

Sometimes just looking on the surface of a trade it may not look that good for one team or another. ex Foley was great in with the Riders but an experienced Dline and a young LB corp an experienced MLB was needed.
Foley may feel betrayed right now, but the whole reason he wanted out of Toronto was the Jones D scheme. With Burke that will no longer be the case. I am sure Burke will turn him loose to do his thing.
Another thing is you cannot just fill National starting spots with any old player as teams are finding out. Starters, rotation, and package players that are on solid levels of Imports are out there now. Teams just have to maneuver to get them.
Whether it is a player like Clayton Laing who can transition easier to the pro game coming from a NCAA DI program. A CIS or DII player who needs to develop up to the higher speed of the pro game.
Some come quicker like Pruneau, Heenan, Brett Jones ones etc. or Justin Cap in Ottawa who broke out as a DE.
CIS players like Giguere and now Cory Greenwood who spent seasons in the NFL to start careers.
Vets like Don O who has developed into a great 3rd DT rotation player from the CIS.
Junior players who are starters, rotation, or package players Harris in BC, Gabriel in Toronto as starters, Rotation Dlineman Zack Evans, Package player Newman now in Winnipeg.
Not to mention the boom in CIS receivers who are much more than add ons as being a top 2-3 receiver around 1,000 yards a season are more common place now.