Foley and Emry swap teams in trade

Huge trade by CFL Standards.

The Riders have traded Foley to the Argos for LB Emry. Greg Quick's D just got what it wanted.

I knew that was coming the minute Greenwood signed in Toronto.

Great move for the double blue. Emry took too many penalties last year.

Really ? They didn't know that when they traded for him LMAO ! Anyway good trade for the Argos who can state a DE and MLB. They gained one NI starter in this deal.

I think they signed Emry as a free agent. Now he's gone. :thup:

Yeah ,thanks, = When they signed him...

I wonder if the boys at argofans are going to welcome back Area51 ? :lol:

Should be interesting to see Foley’s comments. If I remember correctly he was not real happy in Toronto at the end and seemed pretty excited when he just re-upped in Regina not long ago. Maybe different coaches can change his feelings back in TO

Foley is an emotional guy and that's why he's a great player and also why stories can change as need be. Hey, it's all business, love you one minute, next, well, hey, money, personalties, whatever works for the tune. Pro sports and theatre aren't all that different really, look at Brady right now with a smirk on the camera while being questioned about deflated balls. "Hey, didn't know about it..." :wink:

Both players had off years, as for Foley didn't like him in the time here with the Argos.
His best before date may have expired.

What a laughable and completely misinformed comment. Do you actually watch CFL games?

Let's compare Foley with the two East All Star DEs last year...

Norwood - - 13 sacks, 48 tackles
Bowman - - 12 sacks, 45 tackles
Foley - - 12 sacks, 54 tackles

Foley produced at an all star level, and you consider that an "off year"? Feel free to ramble on a out how Foley has too many tattoos or how you don't like his shaved head. But at least get your facts straight.

Now please go back and edit your asinine comment.

Tackles Interceptions Fumble Recoveries
Name Year Team TKL STT Sacks
FOLEY, R 2006 BC 2 9 0
FOLEY, R 2007 BC 12 21 4
FOLEY, R 2008 BC 7 15 4
FOLEY, R 2009 BC 51 2 12
FOLEY, R 2010 TOR 21 1 1
FOLEY, R 2011 TOR 69 0 6
FOLEY, R 2012 TOR 35 6 3
FOLEY, R 2013 SSK 45 3 8
FOLEY, R 2014 SSK 54 12
Career Total 296 57 50

Last season was not an "off season" but for all his talent he has had only two all-star level seasons, four years apart. Like Emery, his greatest value is being a National.

Foley had his best season last year since his big year with the Lions. Was also the best defensive player on the field during the 2013 post season.

What a good off-season so far with these big trades!

LoL. But lets be honest, your Bro has had good years when he has had Wake or Chick bringing the heat from the opposite side, and could have another this year playing opposite Okie. It is a team game after all. Pretty hard to double team two good pass rushers at the same time.
Norwood or Bowman didn’t have a John Chick opposite them causing havoc on every play. But I like the idea Barker has created with Ricky and Okie as RE’s who can both bring a lot of pressure but also slide down the line and make a lot of tackles. Plus the ratio benefit is big.

As with every trade, there are always four possibilities, and we rarely if ever get to hear which is correct.

#1; Saskatchewan called Toronto first, offering Foley, and asking what Toronto would give for him;

#2; Saskatchewan called Toronto first, wanting Emry, and asking what Toronto would take for him;

#3; Toronto called Saskatchewan first, offering Emry, and asking what Saskatchewan would give for him;

#4; Toronto called Saskatchewan first, wanting Foley, and asking what Saskatchewan would take for him.

Wonder which way this went down. . .

Emry's seemingly odd behavior at times has always made me suspect roid rage. Must be that or, he has a screw loose somewhere.

"... But throughout his successful football career, the two-time Grey Cup champion has been fighting a secret battle that he only recently started talking about publicly. Since childhood, the six-foot, 230-pound Emry has suffered from depression. ..."

Tough to take you seriously when you can't even manage to get the facts straight. Foley never got to start in BC until 2009. Wake was long gone to Miami in 2009.

Okpalaugo is a decent DE but surely you're not comparing him to Cam Wake or John Chick. Take a look at his production as the season progressed last year and it's pretty obvious to see that once teams started to game plan a bit for him Okpalaugo's production really fell off. Four sacks in his final eight games after his quick start with eight in nine games. He'll be much better with a stud DE like Foley taking over on the other side.

But this trade is about much more than just stats. Foley is a proven champion and an emotional team leader. That's been missing in Toronto for the past two seasons.

The fact that Okpalaugo saw his production decrease is not surprising because the rest of Toronto's Dline wasn't very good. If you go back and look at BC's Dline when Wake was around, take for instance 2008, Wake led the league with 23 sacks, but then you had Aaron Hunt and Brent Johnson 2nd and 3rd in the league with 11 and 10 sacks respectively. Wake was a beast and having him around helped out the rest of the guys on the line, but also because the other guys were good football players as well it helped Wake break loose at times as well. Okpalaugo didn't have that kind of help last season. The DL with the next highest number of sacks was Cleyon Lang with 3 so for opposing teams it makes it an easy choice as to who you double team. Adding a guy like Foley who has put up double digit sack seasons should help bring more balance to that Dline and will help out Okpalaugo.