Foley a Rider

According to Dave Naylor Rickey Foley will be wearing green and white this year.

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Rod Pedersen; this would have to make the Riders winners in Free Agency. I like the signing of Foley; the other team that was in the picture is Calgary.

When we didnt make an offer to Willis I was wondering if Foley was a target.

I still say they simply did not want to give up the conditional pick, and thus let Willis walk w/o an offer.

Farmer that he is, Foley should know how to drive a combine.

This is not a big loss for us as his numbers have been declining.
On top of which he is not an impact guy that we all envisioned he would be like in BC.

I'm curious to see what he can do if the Riders let him pin his ears back and fly to the football instead of dropping back into coverage and being tentative. I hope to see that he can return to 2009 form, but quite frankly if he makes it to 2012 Odell Willis form I am more than happy. I am pretty sure he can get the 6 sacks and 23 tackles that Odell put up for us last year without getting some of the penalties Odell did. Plus he is Canadian which may allow us to start 4 import receivers or something along those lines.
I've also heard that he reached out to the Riders to get a deal done, which is cool as Geroy did the same. Players want to play in Regina, sure isn't 1999 anymore.

He sure put on a performance in the GC.

Rider Fans: Foley is amazing. What a great signing.
Argo Fans: Glad we didn't resign him. Not worth the money.

I'd like to hear what non-Argo fans and non-Rider fans think.

errmmm....Who here has called him amazing?

Reading in the main forum (as well as Rider fan posts) the comments fall in line with what non-biased fans say...He is an alright player...perhaps no longer elite, but by no means a scrub. Also that he may be somewhere equivalent to a Willis replacement.

The other general statement was that part of the issue with his sack stats was that we was not often used as a rush end but more of a containment guy. This seems to come mainly from Argo fans who watched him a little closer the past couple of years with agreement or at least acknowledgment from other fans.

A lot of these comments were made prior to the signing as well as after.

He's a bum. He had one good season with BC, and outside of the Grey Cup, did nothing in 2+ years with the Argos. The Argos were smart to let him walk.

My opinion if you are going to start a NI he has to give you equal performance to an import and since DE is critical to your Run containment and QB pressure a player who averages 3 sacks a year can't start for you. As a rotation guy he's ok as a 150k starter not a chance.

Corey Chamblin said all our DEs will be on a rotation.

I tend to agree. That said, he had 6 sacks last season, same as Willis, and more tackles. Therefore one could put them likely somewhere on the same level. No idea what Willis' salary was like, but if they are comparative then it is not a bad move.if it is 50k a year more...I would argue that it isn't.

How about a friendly wager Wee Wee?

You go ahead and take your pick of any NI DLineman from Hamilton and I'll say that Foley will outperform him this year. If I'm wrong then I'll leave and never post on this message board again. And if I'm right then you shave your beard.

Cage match

You need to define how "outperform" would be determined.

Good player, on the down side of his career, not worth the 85,000 and 50,000 signing bonus he getting from the Riders

It's still unknown exactly how Hamilton is going to be using their ratio, so it wouldn't be a good idea for Blogksee to agree to this bet right now. Perhaps after training camp/pre-season things could change.

He did not get six sacks, he had three. Six is on the low side of what you would like and possibly within reach for him. He did have a great post season as a rotation guy will make a contribution.