Foes List

Since this year I was vaguely aware of the so called Foes List wherein participants in this Forum are able to have messages, by certain posters, deleted from their in boxes. I was shocked to find a request made, which asked members to minimize their responses to certain individuals by not responding to their posts. I gather this request represented a small group of Forum participants who, for their own reasons, disliked the material that was posted by a named small selection of posters. I was shocked to read that the names of ( the small selection of posters ) were listed. I submitted a very strong post indicating my disapproval of this action, as I believed it was demeaning and potentially insulting to those involved. The next day this issue disappeared from the Forum.
In looking up the topic I found that the last public Foes List post was three years ago, with others made years beyond that. I would assume then that it has little practial value and, should be deleted. At minimum, persons using this list should utilize the personal confidential option available in the Forum.

You mean you had a critical and strongly worded post censored? Couldn't be - - that never happens on any CFL related message boards!

Seriously, what kind of [person] feels the need to have a "Foes List" shield them from viewing certain posts?

When administrators start deleting posts and discouraging any responses to material they happen to "dislike" it only hurts the message board and it ends up like some of these other weak embarassments that only get a half dozen visitors each day

While I agree with the gist of your post, there is also no need to be crass and cuss all over the place. This is still supposed to be family accessible. In other words, its not the locker room so don't talk like it.

I thought everyone said "praise the Lord" in the locker room.

It's a pretty standard feature in all forum packages.

phpBB calls it Foe List
Vbulletin calls is Ignore list.

It's up to the user to decide who's posts they don't want to see and thus end up on the list. Not administrators.

Of course there is also a difference between material admins "dislike" and material that goes against the forums Code of Conduct. When you figure that out, I may consider unbanning one of your four accounts from

And I know your not talking about my board. Which averages 40 visits per day from registered users and averages 2500ish unique views per month. (I subtracted the spider bots obviously)

It's not the point of chosing to "ignore" a certain poster. That is a fine option in itself. I agree with Niagara Als - when posters publicly ask other posters to try not to reply to these individuals they have placed on their ignore list, to me that is very selfish and in poor taste. I saw a thread on the Al's board that did exactly this. Publically named the targeted posters and asked if all posters could refrain from quoting these "Foes". This thread was quickly removed. I don't know if that is the incident the OP is referring to, but I'm pretty sure it fits.
This type of attitdue just strengthens the long time accusation that this site is very much a members only club.

The issue was dealt with, so why bring it up again a month later?

I'm guilty of putting people on my foes list, but I didn't have them there for very long... and I know of one person who put me on their "ignore" list... oh well... no skin off my nose, he is the one with issue, not me.

cuz :smiley: be crazy and need to :lol: about some :frowning: .

Oh dear, I hope better from the West Nile real soon....