Foe list

I encourage everyone to add Buckstopshere to their foe list after that completely inappropriate and disgusting picture he posted. The foe list will prevent any of his posts from being displayed for you until he is banned from the forum.

Here's to hoping he spends at least a couple of nights in the slammer for that. I consider myself to be pretty much un-shockable, but to see something like that in this forum really floored even me.

Didn’t see it, can’t comment. Unless there is something more specific, I won’t put on foe list. Maybe what’s offensive to some, isn’t for others.

It was a picture of a guy dressed up in a pig outfit I`m pretty sure getting a blowjob from another guy.

Pretty sure it`s offensive to everyone.

If you didn't see it you're either not looking at all the posts in this forum or he has already been banned. There is simply NO WAY a pornographic picture of two men engaging in oral sex could be considered anything but inappropriate for THIS forum.

Thanks, glad I missed it.

Thanks, haven't been looking for it and won't waste any time looking for it now. Yes it is inappropriate for this site as would be any pornographic content.

...evidence was moved to the moderator forum for MRX to pursue and BuckStopsHere was permanently banned, so no need to add that name to your foe list he will not be returning...

why would the idiot wanna do something like that?

Must've thought it would be funny to shock people I guess. Instead, he risked giving the innocent a lifetime of bad memories. What a complete jackass. I'm no prude but you just don't post stuff like that in a family forum.

He seems to be taking the recent Bomber slide rather hard....

Edit: It's kind of ironic that his post count ends at 69.... :lol:

Earlier in the year he was behind a knob on a number of topics. Glad he is gone.