Focusing on the NFL Threat????

The Commish said a few words before the game in Regina. Much of it seemed to be aimed at the NFL threat. To me the focus should be more on things the CFL can do to improve its game and its client relations.

The simple fact is that he has no real power to stop or not stop the NFL from expanding to Canada, but he does have the power to make sure things like the website has accurate and timely info, that there is a reasonable USinternational tv coverage, that the rules are applied consistently, that players are reasonable compensated, that when issues come up the league provides answers, that expansion is dealt with.

In many ways this focus on the NFL is a distraction from some of the real issues. Yes the league has to have a plan in place, but to me it seems like the message right now is that the sky will fall. I personally doubt it, but I could be wrong, BUT I do believe that if the little things are not looked after, then there will be no way to survive the big ones.

i missed what ur talkin about.
whatd commish-man say?

Well I can not give you a word for word, but basically 'we are in a battle to save our game".

was this on TSN?

i just checked’s video library and theres nothing with the commish from yesterday.

I heard him interviewed on the radio and he said nothing of the sort. There was certainly no "sky is falling" talk. He sounded up beat and optimistic and revved that the season was starting.