FNF Hamilton At Ottawa

Yup. Ottawa has to play the 2nd hottest teams in the CFL twice. Have to expect at least a split. We have 2 winnable games so…

Masoli sure keeps one on the edge of the seat. Such a streaky guy.
I really like him. Just full of grit and never quits.

You never know. He could become a big star in this league yet.

Not on the refs. If that is the case, then it is on Campbell for not tossing a flag.

Nope. He is a turnover machine who can gunsling a few good passes. He is a deluxe version of Tanner Marsh :roll:

[b]Ottawa gets hosed for the touchdown that they didn’t cou

:lol: [/i]

"That was fun"!

... Kent Austin.

Awesome adjustments and effort in the second half!!! WOW!! :thup:

Your Coach could have reviewed it, he still had his Challenges left and chose not to use it.
Maybe because he thought the 1 yard QB sneak for a TD was a gimmie. :?

Campbell said after the game the refs wouldn’t allow a challenge because they deemed the play dead at the 1 yard line so can’t challenge for a touchdown after ball is dead. Proper call should have been to call a TD and let the official review to overturn IF he stepped out.

Just looked at the Ticat Playoff Tickets. How did they sell so quickly? There has be only a few hundred left - unless I am misreading things.

Playoff tickets were part of our season ticket package Kevin, so in other words we paid for 11 games and that in itself would eat up a lot of the playoff game ticket inventory , plus they have offered us extras if we want them at a discount.

Cool. Question : What happens if the Ticats did not make the playoffs?

We get a refund for that game or a credit , whatever we want .


NO adjustments apparently - just MUCH better effort by the D. :rockin: :thup:

I probably laughed harder at this than I should :lol:

Masoli is type of QB where everyone wants him to be a starter, everyone loves his grit and never quit attitude…then he throws a pick on the goal line and you realize “s*** that’s why he can’t be our f****** starter” …then he does something good again and the cycle starts all over.

Love that he is our safety guy as the backup…not sure how I’d feel depending on him for 18 games at this point, but I don’t think he’d kill a team and definitely give them a shot to win most nights out. For some reason he minds me of Nealon Greene.

Eye in the Sky may have reviewed the ball placement and seen that the on-field officials were correct. And from what I saw, the ball carrier’s foot touched the sideline just before the ball crossed the goal line. Ottawa ball at the one looked like the right call to me.

Great game but the RB's gave the Cats too many points after turn overs in their end pus 7 points lost on the fumble at the goal line . Masoli made good on what he was given but is not the answer full time . He makes a great back up .