Flyover tonight?

Wow !.what a great idea !

While arguably not as urgent as most medical research or social charities, it's a worthy cause nonetheless.

I think a flight in the Lancaster was around $3,000 and that was a few years ago when the price of gas was a lot cheaper.
So I assume the cost of a fly past will be over $3,000. Polls and petitions are great but somebody and I assume the Tiger Cats have to pay for the flypasts.

I always assumed that they did pay for the flyovers. Maybe they chose to stop??? I didn't realize DJs were that expensive. :wink:

The Museum has always borne all the associated costs of the flyovers,(including the gas) as it fits with their mandate of keeping history alive, to honour the allied forces and veterans, to educate the community and give us all the unique thrill of seeing these planes in the air over Hamilton and beyond....and to be able to get up close and personal to the priceless planes in the museum (many times with engines still warm and oil dripping into pans on the floor) This is what the whole mission of museum has been since it was founded 40 years ago......

When I became a season ticket holder( 6 or 7 years ago ), I recall the excitment of the Jet flyovers, the Teen Tour Band marching through the concourse, Cats cheerleaders AND the Mac cheerleaders competing for our eyeballs, etc. Heck, I felt like I got my money's worth even without the game( And if you recall the team at that time, the games weren't great ). Anyhoo, those things made the whole game day experience like a festival, and I find it sadly lacking now.

“The museum has borne the costs” - yes of course but someone has to pay for the gas. The money comes from the public whether through donations, entry fee to the museum or “rides in the aircraft”

To keep the museum alive and funded they have to charge for flights in the aircraft. Vets come to fly in the Lancaster and the other aircraft These days with the high price of fuel it is ridiculously expensive to get one of these old aircraft in the sky. I don’t know how they do it but I understand why they can’t do flypasts for “free”

8) Completely agree with you "Tigershark" !!
  The Burlington Teen Tour Band, along with those Mac Cheerleaders, made the game day experience an A Plus !!

   Did I mention those Mac Cheerleaders ???     <!-- s:D -->:D<!-- s:D -->  <!-- s:rockin: -->:rockin:<!-- s:rockin: -->     Love em !!

Then I guess the obvious question is....if the flyovers don't cost the Ticats anything, why did they put a stop to them?

Because it costs the Warplane Heritage a lot of money to do a flypast!! if the Ticats don't pay for the fuel the museum must pick up the tab.

Maybe deerhunter can clarify, but I got the impression from his comments above that the Museum was disappointed with the Ticats reason to discontinue the flyovers (i.e. it was the Ticats decision, not the Museum's).

Deerhunter - can you elaborate?

If it was the Museum's decision, then I can undersand that - the cost. If it was the Ticats' decision, then I'm still a bit boggled.

.....let me work on it from my ridiculously low position of influence

I just spent the last few weeks getting ready to, and actually moving, so my priorities have been taking care of business with regards to all of that nonsense........but I'm now all good again.....stay tuned ! ...we'll get the Lancaster Bomber (et al) flying over Tiger-Cats home games again ..... come heck or high water.....I promise :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks, dh. Even a high-speed pass by the Tiger Moth will do!

Awesome!!! I look forward to it!!! :rockin:

......just to provide a little more clarity, the issue isn't in-surmountable and should be able to get resolved. Both sides are well aware of your 100 % supportive responses..... Let's hope things are resolved satisfactorally( sp?) in short order and the fly-overs get back on track soon.....

Both organizations are excellent and a huge part of the fabric of Hamilton...we need them to work together.

... let's hope my promise to you doesn't fail......I'm trying my best behind the scenes.

Cheers !! :smiley:

Go Cats !!

... I can't disclose too much here but I am thrilled to report my two "bestie" corporate friends have found a solution. I'll stop short there, as my promise to you has been for details soon.....

I'm beaming with pride and respect today that these two classy organizations will continue to work together as the two most visible and important community leaders in Hamilton and region they are.

Kudos to our friends in both organizations !....they did good by all of us today ! :rockin:

Cheers !


deerhunter you now have my attention. Appears like exciting news is on the horizon!

Sure is and I'm proud of them both !! fact all of Hamilton should be proud of these two corporate buddies and their respective organizations today and the hard work they just did to benefit us have no idea !

Kudos to all involved ! (and you know who you are)

All is good with the world again ! :rockin: