Flyover tonight?

Is there a flyover from the Warplane Heritage Museum at tonight's game? I missed it at the pre-season game. It's one of the best off-field things that the Ticats have done since Bob Young took over, IMHO.


The TiCats Gameday Update emailed to season ticket holders does not list any CWH flyover. Maybe they won't be having them this year. You would think they would make a big splash for the opening game unless they're saving it all for the final game at Ivor Wynne.

There will be a couple of parachutists dropping about 30 minutes before game time.

They've scheduled parachutists in the past, and when they did, there was no flyover.

The fly-overs are done.

I confirmed it with Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum officials while covering the Hamilton Airshow two weeks ago for my newspaper.

Well then how did they get there?


8) There will be 2 SAR Tech Parachuters dropping onto the field from a helicopter, 30 min. prior to kickoff.

Haha... I just mean that the spectacle was the parachutists and not what they jumped out of. One year (last year, I think), it was cancelled at the last minute due to an emergency search and rescue call. I remember them from the year before, but don't even recall seeing the aircraft. I would guess that they jump from high enough up that you wouldn't be able to see whatever it is they jump out of.

I know. I was just goofin'

Check this out


Have to admit I was wondering what he was thinking aiming for the goal posts. At first I thought he was going to try to go through them.

They may have a "surprise" flyover by CF-18s at the conclusion of the national anthem. They've done it before.

When you watch that video, it reveals a good view of the footprint of IWS, Brian Timmis stadium and Parkview and King George schools.

LOVE THE CF-18s! I really hope we get to see them.

Cool video!

Probably not until Labour Day, when they are doing the air show in Toronto. But you never know when they are in the area on a training flight.

Does anyone know why? I thought the flyovers were awesome....and a really important part of the overall game experience.

Oh well, that's disappointing. Anyone else agree, or am I in the minority?


Yes it is disappointing but it's very expensive to do a flyover, a lot of fuel is used and someone has to pay for it. The CWH doesn't have a lot of money they get funded by donations, visits to the museum and getting paid for performing at air shows. For the military they will do an extra flyover if they are nearby at an airshow.

I agree, it’s extremely disappointing and so was the explanation I was given, but this isn’t the place to go into it.

Please keep supporting the Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum. All the folks there are world-class volunteers and they fund themselves with no government help. Become a member and you will be proud to be part of something very unique and special for the Hamilton area. There isn’t a single person in that entire organization who doesn’t give it their all for this community and the memory of our armed forces heroes…alive or departed … visit ----> for membership information and upcoming events. Did you know you can even book the museum floor for weddings, corporate events, trade shows etc? Imagine saying your vows under the wings of the Lancaster? 8)

Sure it is. This is a discussion forum.

I can only assume that neither the CWH museum nor the Tiger-Cats wanted to pay for it.

While disappointing , it's understandable considering the expected losses from not having a stadium to play in next year.

If that's the case, then they should not have had those fireworks last night. That was a complete waste of money. And I like fireworks.

I'd prefer watching little guys playing football.

My suggestion would be to start a poll aiming at getting the fly-overs back forthwith......keeping the status quo for all concerned.

Have an awesome Canada Day everyone !!


Rule number 1 of knowing something you’re not at liberty to discuss: Don’t go on an internet forum and say “Nyeah, nyeah, nyeah. I know a secret and I’m not going to tell you.” Unless your goal is to sound like an attention-starved 2nd grader, in which case: well played.

I'd be first in line to sign it! Thanks for the post about the CWH - we are indeed big supporters. My daughter has held her birthday party there in the past, and even this year (when her Birthday party was elsewhere) she collected donations in lieu of presents and gave them to the museum the next day!