Flying our colours

We have our Ti- Cat flag flying outside today & most game days.
Driving around Hamilton I saw several Ti- Cat flags flying or hanging on front doors.
The best thing I saw driving around was on St.Clair Ave. We were passed by a Pickup Truck with a full size Ti- Cat flag waving on a vertical pole mounted on the back bed!It was like passing the Grey Cup Parade!
Are you showing your colours?

Just wearing them and the Canadian flag that we normally fly came down a couple of weeks ago to be replaced by the birdfeeder which is NOT black and gold. :lol:

I have my car flag hanging from the rear window of my Camry. Looks good. :thup:

Wearing mine as well. Will be drinking my beer out of one of my Ticats beer mugs. And will have my 1999 Grey Cup souvenir football with me. "Eat 'Em Raw" pin from my normal signature picture is up in its usual year-round spot in my cubicle at work.

But not sure I could convince Mrs. CFIO to allow me to put up a Ticats flag up in place of our Canadian flag, which also came down after Remembrance Day. Let's just say that the Mrs. isn't much of a football fan.

murray st beer store in brantford was nicely black and golded :wink: three other cats fans while i was there this afternoon.

only red was the ginger behind the counter and the rickards in the back