"Fly" running game?

Anybody really know what Speckman's famed "fly" running game is all about?

I think I saw it in game one with Devine with quick sweeps by speed not power. That had promise I thought. Not since. Was that it?

I really have no idea what this plan was. Can pretend but I got nothing. Lotta motivational pieces on him due to no hands but I have no idea what his fly run attack is all about.

Maybe cynical but I smell carny again.

I think that's been tossed out. I don't know what is going to happen with Speckman. He is Hawkins friend. I don't know if he'll stay pass this season. There hasn't been a word on him or from him since Hawkins left.

I had to laugh when he was quoted as saying "you don't need hands to play football...you only think you do"

Can you imagine the criticism that would befall a GM and coach for recruiting and playing such a player as soon as he had a bad game? never mind the player. oh boy.

Makes the criticism of short of stature Whyte as Pippen and having sex with popp , wettenhall and farm animals seem like a Walt Disney movie . And whyte is tied for second in punting, and 86% in FG .

With a 26 yard average LMAO !

Speckman has 6 DVDs on it. The first one is $100 bucks.


This explains it somewhat, but it doesn`t seem much more than what we saw with Devine.

[url=http://prep2prep.com/PrepCat/football-recalling-mark-speckman-and-the-mosca-fly-offense/]http://prep2prep.com/PrepCat/football-r ... y-offense/[/url]

Je ne crois pas que la Fly Offence soit vouée à un grand avenir dans la LCF, parce que les défensives doivent déjà se préparer à toutes sortes de mouvements avant la remise du ballon et les secondeurs et demis sont plus rapides.

Les Bou! Bombers ont eu de la difficulté avec ces jeux lors de la première rencontre, mais ils avaient réglé ce cas dès la semaine suivante. On ne peut pas dire que ces jeux aient particuilèrement bien fonctionné contre les Stampeders et à partir du moment où Berry a pris l'attaque en mains, la Fly Offence a été mise en veilleuse.

Je crois que Hawkins fondait beaucoup d'espoir sur cette approche et la réalité de la LCf l'a vite rejoint lorsque ces jeux ont cessé de fonctionner.

I think you can only make it work with a QB who has great legs like a Troy Smith :wink:
Runing a fly running game with Calvillo behind center, who's going to bite on that :lol:
Every scheme can be made to work well but you need the right personnel.

Having a high average as a punter can be less than useless
Not only does it often indicate an inability to hit the corner with precision
Damon Duval was a prime example...he seemed to LOVE that long boot into the endzone....boosted his average....but destroyed Alouettes' field position
Unless it is accompanied by consistent hang time
which Whyte's usually ISN'T
Those punts most often out-kick the coverage team
And lead to long returns

As has been pointed out before
Whyte's positional kicking is BRUTAL

He CAN'T hit FG's consistently over 40yds
And when he DOES miss a long one
I've yet to see him tackle a returner
something Duval was pretty darned good at...and McCallum still manages to do

Frankly...I'm at a loss understanding why Sean Whyte's on the team at all

:thdn: :thdn: :thdn:

Would make a great headline if the Als tried it and a defense shut it down:

The "Fly" Has Been Exposed. :smiley: