Fluties commentary

I found it interesting that D.Flutie was saying last night what I have been observing the last month or so. It kepteluding to the facct that every time the Riders threw the ball, there always a receiver open and when we tried nobody was open. Then he followed that statement with a question concerning schemes and coaching. BINGO!! Im not sure why Pao Pao doesntstudy the Riders offensive scheme and implement that into our offence. Anything is better then what were doing now.

Darren Flutie is miles ahead of Chris Walby as far as analysis is concerned. He has a lot of passion and what he said last night really hit home to me.

Oski Wee Wee,

Oskie, your comments concerning our O line are dead on! Your right, no Qb in this league would do any better playing behind them. Some plays last night nobody even laid a hand on some of the riders rushers.

Then why not hire Flutie to be our OC then?

Works for me!

Matt Dungan...as The OC Next Year

Why not make Dunigan coach?

Matt's a candidate for head coach, I would say. Not my first choice...or my second...or my third...or.. :wink:

He would need a GM that would back him. I think many of his GM moves in Calgary were questionable. The ideal scenario would be that he would stick to being a coordinator as as coach, not a dual role as GM/coach.

Oski Wee Wee,

Yeah, and the guy calling the Riders plays was the guy who was Paopao's q.b coach last year in Ottawa and everyone on that team knew he did all Paopao's home work for him. I'm still baffled why we didn't hire Condell over Joe, everyone in the league knew Joe is a slacker as far as film study goes and Condel literally lives in the film room. Paopao calls the same plays week in and week out, any d coordinator with half a brain is going to know how Joe calls his plays, when he runs the shovels, trick plays, etc.

John Hufnagel if we could Pry him away from The Giants..

Will take alot Cash... But he is a Winner..

I am thinking it will take 300,000 CND to do it.

you read my mind, but for him to leave that job will take more than 300, 00 CDN, top coordiantors in the NFL make around ! million these days. Also the ticats screwed up and should have hired him as head coach when he was just the QBs coach in New England and was looking for a promotion, the ticats messed up and stayed with lancaster too long, they should have hired hufnagel long ago, but i fear its too late, as he has a good relationship with eli manning and tom coughlin.

Speaking of comments and I agree that Daren Fluties comments are to be well respected.
Rob Hitchcock was just on CH saying "Mike and I have been on a few teams that didn't do well,the 1-17 and the 2-16 years but those teams had alot less talent and were often in the game til the end.
Not blown out like this one"....or close to that....