Flutie to take over the Argos?

A good article here by Marty York in the Metro News. Could Pinball be on the bubble? Is Flutie waiting in the wings?
Was Damon Allen responsible for the Kent Austin firing?

Why isn't Marty York writing for one of the big papers?


He did. He did.

Mikem- Marty just LOVES the rumors. I think that's what finally got him turfed from the 'big papers.' Bias and rumors seemed to be his lot..... in fact, just like a lot of us on this board!

Maybe Doug will be as good an Argo coach as another great CFL quarterback - Russ Jackson. Come on Dougie, you can do it man, the Argos are a waitin for ya, and so are we.


I recall Doug Flutie couldn't stand Marty Yorks rumour mill,he openly talked about it.

Ya ,Marty is OK otherwise,but he thinks scoops are what we all want ...hmmmm and read and write back about and ...

I suppose they don't have to change the height of the headphones!!.. :lol:

If Flutie wants back in the CFL, I say bring him to Hamilton.

gretzky is not exactly lighting things up as a coach in the NHL

Marty York picked the Argos to win so that is good for the Ticats. Great picking Marty.