Flutie to return to CFL!!

It was announced today that Doug Flutie will return to the CFL for one last year to play. Negotiations to have his brother Darren join him on the same team are being worked on vigorously according to Marty York. Welcome back Doug and Darren. Rumour has it that Dave Dickenson may have re-injured his knee and the Lions are looking to sign the two Flutie brothers for one year deals to solidify the season and season ticket holders.
-Canadian Press

uh huh!


Give me a break, Flutie is a self-centered moron and I would rather he not come back at all, his bad attitude makes him a perfect fit for the NFL.....he can stay there.

looks like someone is bitter flutie never donned a rider uniform.


this says he doesn't want to play anywere but New England and that he will announce his retirement by weeks end.

Marty York is an idiot, plain and simple. Anything he says you can take a healthy dose of salt, cause more often than not its rumour or gossip. He should work for the National Enquirer rather than a serious sports columnist for a newspaper or network.

......many of you are not taking into account the sanity of the instigator of this thread.....

It's a tradition. Prior to every CFL season, Turkeybend announces Fluties return.

This guy is the definition of what a fighter, and I don't mean hockey, is all about. Everyone kept saying throuhout his life he was too small, not good enough arm etc. and look at what he did, Heisman, Outstanding player up here, and back to the NFL which never gave him a full chance to succeed from the beginning.
Good luck Doug in your retirement, it was an honour to have had you play up here in the CFL.

Gobble Gobble Gobble Turkey is fishing again!

Geez Turkey, I wish there was one ounce of truth to that rumour....Keep the traditions alive....The trolling has got you a couple of biters!

Well this is definitely not happening for the simple reason that its a rumor associated with marty york. York has been hearing from teh soruces he imagines in his head for years now that flutie will come back for one more year in the cfl.

Turkey, I read that too, but you forgot to mention that Doug was also hoping to bring his popular brand of breakfast cereal to Canada - the Flutie Flakes, which may even become an official sponser of the CFL. Currently there are only a few flakes floating around the country (some on this very forum!). Doug was quoted as saying his vision was to "have his flakes reside in as many Canadian households as possible".

Thank goodness for Marty York!

Marty York the biggest Flutie flake you will ever see

i find it amusing that everyone accepts that everything york says is untrue yet they also seem to believe that everything the wpg sun reports must be true or they would be sued. they all bought the same internet journalism diploma in my opinion. honest journalists must despise their sensationalist counterparts because it hurts all their credibility. i guess the same would go for politicians. doesn't pay to be honest.

nice one BD.........but it is open season on the bombers this year.......some forum folk will hop all over any news just as long as it is bad.........


but if it is ture, I have that they play for the OTTAWA RENEGADES in 2007, and help out that team get back on there feet. They would look so cool in Red and Gold! :wink:

Tom Brady asked the Patriots and Flutie to keep the 43 years old on the roster. He wants to be backed by him.

When your star player requests something, you must think about it a little more. What do you think? Can Flutie do one more year of clipboard holding? :?

In French:

[url=http://www.src.ca/sports/football/2006/05/04/001-brady-jeudi.shtml]http://www.src.ca/sports/football/2006/ ... eudi.shtml[/url]

Brady doesnt want a backup comming in a stealing his spot light