Flutie to return as Argos offensive co-ordinator

Yes. It is to happen. Doug is coming home! Doug Flutie will be named Toronto's offensive co-ordominator tommorrow. In the Toronto Sun Marty York confirms that Pinball has convinced Flutie to return. He may clear his status to play in case of injury to Damon Allen too. Wow. This changes everything in the East. Adam Rita has pulled a rabbit out of his hat again.

The announcement will be made tommorrow during prime time to get the most exposure!!!

I’ll believe it when I see it.

Do you know a guy named McMahon by any chance?

Marty York said it, nuff said, Tennis anyone?

Marty York doesn't work for the Toronto star, he's with the metro news. If there was something in the Toronto star today then every network would have picked up on the story and someone else on here would have said something before 8:30 in the p.m.

"I dream of Flutie" Come on there Toronto fans rubb "that bottle" LOL

I can picture it from here...

Spergon WYNN: What do I do Mr. Flutie?
FLUTIE: The plan is simple... Scramble 10 yards to the right...
WYNN: Ok. :thup:
FLUTIE: ...then 20 yards to the left...
WYNN: Ok, got it. :wink:
FLUTIE: ...avoid 3 tackles...
WYNN: Hum, well, ok, I guess. :roll:
FLUTIE: Perfect, then turn back and avoid the same 3 tackles, but sideways.
WYNN: Gee, I'm not sure I can execute that... :expressionless:
FLUTIE: ...and then throw a 40 yards spiral in the numbers of Baker so he doesn't drop it.
WYNN: Euh... :?
FLUTIE: Now, this is where you come in...
WYNN: What!!?? :o
FLUTIE: ...because Baker will drop it anyway, so you have to run downfield and catch the ball before it hits the ground.
WYNN: ...I'm scared... :oops:
FLUTIE: ...Oh yes, and don't forget. It's 3rd and 45, and Montreal is blitzing, so don't miss your shot...
WYNN: ...Pinball!!!! :cry:

I like Flutie as much as the next guy, but c'mon, Toronto fans. Do you seriously think that he is going to be the saviour of the team this season? By implication, then everything that has gone wrong so far is Kent Austin's fault, and it's not true. Flutie has no coaching experience (that I know of) and isn't going to be playing himself. Furthermore, he's coming in midseason and won't have time to create his own full-fledged offensive style. Finally, Flutie can't stop his receivers from dropping balls or the team from taking dumb penalties. Don't get me wrong, I definitely think Flutie will help the team out if he comes, but he's not going to turn water into wine.

one problem for flutie to coach QBs is that it will be hard for him to understand and relate to those who cannot do what he did, the way that he did it. If he expect his QBs to perform the way he would in situations, its going to frustrate the hell out of him. This is of course assuming that he ever does coach anywhere. I wager his first attempt will not be successful, ala Lancaster. However, if he worked through it and was as determined to get the hang of it as he was as a player, then someday, he could be good.

Holloway was in town last week…Pinball even asked him if he would come back

Flutie: C'mon Sperg, always hop when you pass!...and Damon if you feel heat from your blindside, just do the spin-a-rama and and roll to the strong side and you'll find Mookie streaking to the endzone. Mookie? Where's Mookie?? Ok Robert or RJ then. No?? Paul Masotti?? Where the heck are the receivers??

Sperg: But my feet are like size 18, Coach. I can't do dat spinin' shiite, you know what I'm sayin'...?
Flutie: OK, let me in there...I'll show you guys how its done... :rockin:

Funny thing is, Flutie started in BC, and then went to Calgary before finishing in Toronto...so where is his home...really?

Toronto, two cups and closer to NE

His home is where someone will pay him seven figures. He lived in Buffalo remember?