Flutie to replace Kent Austin

Heard on post-game show from source Marty York that Flutie would only return to play if he could also be the offensive coordinator of the Argos too! The Argos were not willing to go that far, according to York, therefore Flutie ruled out coming back to play with the Argos. Wow, that close to the return of Doug. Too bad , the CFL would be a better place if Flutie returned even for one year!

How can you be the starting QB AND offensive coordinator?

hahahaha agreed

See Toronto Argonauts seasons 1996 and 1997 where Flutie just about called every single offensive play. I would love to see the Argos employ "Flutieball" again with Eric Crouch or Printers at QB.

Trying to be like Willy Betterman from Any Given Sunday, problem is, THAT WAS A MOVIE!

and if York says it, don't pay any attention to it, because after reading the posts of most on this forum, I have learnt to take what York says and let it go out my other ear.

ask calvillo.

look at anthony calvillo lol

like austin could call a better game then flutie, nfl.

NFL is a total different gameplan than the CFL..by far..look at ricky williams

haha, I never noticed, nfl, not f...g likely was what I meant.

NFL, nice baron nice!!

haha..okok, second time around and look at it, i get what u meant

This rumour suddenly seems a lot less unlikely.

If you had asked Damon Allen at the beginning of the year to list his biggest fears, I'll bet "being replaced by an older player" would not have been one of them.

Any offensive coordinator worth his salt could never justify playing Damon Allen at QB when he has the opportunity to play Doug Flutie instead. Even if said coordinator is named Doug Flutie.

Question: Does an offensive coordinator have the power to order the head coach to put on the pads, get out there and play runningback??

no, but i'm sure if pinball was asked nicely

In some sports...A PLAYER is ALSO the the Head Coach!

If I rmember correctly, Paopao did it his last yr with the lions. He was playing well too until he got hurt. Started off just as coach, then was required to suit up.

and didnt Pinball coach himself in his last game??

and lancaster?

takes the name Flutie. Move the l 3 spaces to the right, and you get the hopes of many expecting to see him in the CFL again.