Flutie signed one year deal with the Patriots

I don't know if this topic is anywhere else, but I just read that Flutie signed to be a backup at New England for this year. This probably means he will retire after this year now that he is back at his hometown. It would have been fun to see him in the CFL again, but who knows, the shape he is in, maybe he will return in his 50,s.

At least it's onlly a one year deal

Flutie will probably be coach in NE within a few years.

I’m happy for Doug…He provided great entertainment during his CFL years…I particularly remember and enjoyed the “Drive” during the 1992 Western Final. He deserves a shot at Superbowl ring…in the NFL the competition to repeat will be tough…but he has a chance.

to all c.f.l. fans
are you sure that Flutie signed with the Patriots as I thought I heard somewhere that he signed with the saints.He won't be playing in frigid New england but in balmy louisiana. did any one else hear that?

im sure he will enjoy his 875,000 dollars for watching from the sidelines lol.

are you crazy?... the Saints?... pfft, Flutie wouldn't go there because he wants his Superbowl ring, and the Saints won't give it to him

Great move by Doug Flutie and signing by the Pats. The former gets an optimal shot at being on a Stupor Bowl winning team and the latter gets a QB who is still quite capable if called upon to finish or start a game here and there, should Brady be injured.

And as long as he's still mobile and motivated, Flutie could yet return for one final year to the CFL, although this is now, I would think, highly unlikely.

Can't see him coming back here again. I think he will retire in his own back yard, maybe with a superbowl ring. I think that was a last option thing anyway for him if absolutely no one was interested in him down there this season.

Don't be so sure......if BRADY goes down maybe could do for NEW ENGLAND what FLUTIE did for BUFFALO. :smiley: