Flutie should buy Renegades

Maybe Doug Flutie should buy Bernie Glieberman's stake in the Renegades?

Doug could play for a season or two, then move into the coaching ranks.

It would be a hell of a coup for the beleagured fans here in Ottawa. I see it as win-win. Thoughts?

You are a genius. Call Doug now.

I'm sure Doug Flutie is rich, but is he owning-a-money-losing-football-team rich?

Glieberman's share of the losses is over 2.5 mil...I don't know the terms of Flutie's current contract with the Patriots, but as a backup QB, does he even get paid that much?

You might be able to talk him into coming on board as a limited partner, kind of as a figurehead; but he's not likely to want to spend his entire salary to prop up a team in Ottawa.

I know, lets just get some fabulously rich NFL player to own the team like how NHL players seem to now love buying Jr. teams lol.

I'm sure Doug has enough money to get involved financially. Long enough at least, to turn the team around.

get jason speza and dany heatly to buy the gades.

Keep dreamin.

I'm going to stop making predictions on this Ottawa franchise because every day it seems to take a turn in a different direction.

I know, I’m just dreamin. But its getting to the point where thats all we Renegades fans have… :frowning:

John Candy has two of the three assets needed to buy the Renegades.

  1. He has the cash.
  2. He has the interest and love of the game.

Unfortunately, he misses one big thing:

  1. Being alive.

Don't dis Mr. Candy! He was a gentleman AND he was way funnier than you!!!

I vote "No" on that, High Five.....

not a bad idea, but not going to happen, having him as HC is a better idea.

Why would that stop them Third? Didn't Ottawa sign a dead player to a contract several years ago in the First Loonie Glieberman saga?

Sign a dead guy?...

I know they drafted a dead player, but if they signed him, Lonie his way sicker than I thought!

Maybe it was drafted....I stand Corrected, but then again, nothing the Gliebermans do would surprise me...sigh

Ottawa HC: this man here is dead!!!!!

LG: cross him off then!!! :lol:

Well, they did draft a player and then find out that he had passed away. But negotiations bogged down, and they were unable to get his signature on a contract. :lol: