Flutie Retires

Mass. -- The Patriots announced Monday that backup quarterback Doug Flutie is retiring from football.

Flutie became a free agent after one season with the team, playing sparingly as a backup quarterback.

Flutie said Saturday he has spoken regularly with Belichick and wanted to consider all his options -- including offers to go into broadcasting -- before making an announcement. Belichick declined Sunday to comment on any discussions he had with Flutie.

During the first two days of the team's rookie mini-camp, which began Saturday, Flutie's locker was occupied by kicker Stephen Gostkowski, the team's fourth-round draft choice from Memphis.

"I think I know what I want to do," Flutie said on Saturday in an interview with The Associated Press. "I just want to make sure I have everything on the table before I do anything."

Flutie, the Heisman Trophy winner at Boston College in 1984, has spent 21 seasons in pro football, 12 in the NFL. He played one year in the U.S. Football League and eight years in the Canadian Football League, where he was named most outstanding player six times.

The 43-year-old quarterback has thrown for 14,715 yards and 86 touchdowns in the NFL, spending most of his time as a backup. Last season, he converted the league's first drop-kick for an extra point since the 1941 title game and appeared in five games, throwing 10 passes.

Sorry to see him go. He had a great career and I wish him the best.

Goodbye, and Good Luck to one of the best players football has ever known

good :!: now we dont have to read it here on the forums that Toronto or some other team have signed Flutie with his brother :lol:

Doug Flutie , was the best player to play in the CFL. He could have had better success in the NFL as well, if any of those coaches had faith in him. Buffalo could have had a Super Bowl team if they had let Flutie start when the playoffs started,(cant remember the year), but they put that stiff Johnson in and got what they deserved. If the league BOG are smart, they will quickly vote Flutie into the CFL Hall of Fame, where he belongs.

i like how he said he had more fun playin in the cfl..good to hear

.........of course he had more fun here because he actually got to play........shame to see his talents wasted in the NFL holding a clipboard for big money.......thanks for the memories Doug, enjoy your retirement........

Good luck Doug.
Thanks for the 2 cups!!!

Happy Retirement, Doug!!!

and hopfully, his brother will be the start QB for Ottawa next season.

Which brother is that?

Darren is now a QB that's new.

well, before I wrote that, I was hit in the head by a Soccer ball fired by Argos-Bill, so I might have been a bit confused when I wrote that.

He should have retired with one more Grey Cup, but, he has entertained countless fans in three leagues over 21 years, and proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that if you can hold on to the "little kid" in yourself...that being in your 40's and playing pro football,is by no means a barrier to be overcome,but a mark that younger athletes need to strive for!
Thanks to the "Human Highlight Film" for the years,the effort,the enthusiasm and....(while he played) reminding us all that Football can (and should) be fun!

Enjoy retirement...The game won't be the same!

Kanga was hit in the head by a cyber-soccerball, rendering him to take retired Darren Flutie out of the broadcast booth, dress him in Ottawa duds, and change his position on the field?

Dare I ask.....What next?

Don't ask!
Im begging you, dont ask!

Please Don't Ask!

......I could photoshop something up for you......

LOL, Pathetic.

I get the feeling alot of soccer balls are flying by his head on a regular basis.

As for the original topic, Im just thankful i got the opportunity to see
the man play in McMahon. Being a season ticket holder during the Flutie-
Pitts yrs was an honour. He played with reckless abandon and had
an obvious passion for the game. Warren Moon may have been
technically sounder, physically bigger, but nobody will ever convince me
he was a superior quarterback.

Thank you Mr Flutie.

Flutie, in his retirement comments said that he had to be talked out of playing one more year of football in the CFL this coming season. Maybe Marty York was on to something after all, regarding Flutie returning to the CFL.
In any case, Doug Flutie - you were a great Qb and provided CFL fans with the very best entertainment!!! Also you got shafted in the NFL particuarly in Buffalo. The year they started Rob Johnson(whatever happened to him = nothing!!!) in the playoffs against Tennessee was the most unjust and stupid call by an organization ever. Remember, the Bills started 0-3 under Johnson then Flutie was put in and led them to a 10-6 season. Then the decision to start Johnson who was about 3-12 passing in the first half but they left him in only to lose. Tennesse went on to the Super Bowl losing by one yard as MCNair got stopped at the 1 yard line on the last play. Would Flutie have led them to the Super Bowl - you bet!!!