Flutie Praises CFL in MMQB Article


great read

Flutie was the poster guy for a player who does not fit the NFL mold which he spoke of in the article. Great point that it did not make him or the many other players who play in the CFL being highly talented pro football players.
Flutie career timing could not have been better when it came to great alternatives to the NFL.
First signing in the high salary for big name talent USFL where he got that Million dollar deal as well as Hershal Walker as his RB. NFL was not going to accept him. He took to the CFL very quickly taking that first season in BC to get adjusted but still played well. After year on it was on and the million dollar salaries where their for top QBs.
In this era he would not have had those Big $$$ salaries but the NFL is a bit more flexible at times.

good article,,, too bad NFL snobbers wont read it ,, but I dont care

(we got a load of 'em here in Toronto.... and they are a "load" , but we wont go there)

What is Flutie doing these days. Would he be interested in coming the Regina for half a season for a back to back Grey Cup run? Just giving Durant a QB to bounce ideas around and mentor Sunseri and Doege. maybe bounce over to U of R with Cayman Shutter.