Flutie might play in the CFL again??

I figured i would post this because i'am probably the only one who is on top of the New England media. I just read in today's Boston Herald that Doug Flutie is going to play in an over 30 baseball league with his brothers Darren and Bill in his hometown of Natick,MA. They also went on to talk about his football career and he has basically three options.

  1. play with the Patriots, Brady wants him back.
  2. retire seems like he is going to consider it.
  3. CFL, and since there hasn't been any real discussions with Belichek about returning.

At first i was skeptical about Dougie returning to the CFL, but i really think there is a chance and it probably would be for Ottawa. We should know in the next few weeks if Doug going to be back with the Patriots. I think if Doug returns to the CFL it only can be a positive thing for the CFL. More press, and exposure.

Just want to know what CFL fans think of the possibility of Doug returning?

I pray to god he does, he's worth more to the CFL than the NFL (they haven't put him to much good use there IMO)

I agree Kanga that the Pats haven’t used him that much, but i think he adds character to the team. His presence alone, helps the team. I think he pushes Brady too. Even though i would love to see him play in Canada for a year and hang it up.

Another questions who would you rather see at QB Kerry Joesph or Flutie. I would take Doug any day over that bum

Agree Doug is needed and especially with the news of the day. Hay, maybe Doug with all his money can buy the team?

Jo is alright, he's a mini Mick Vick, but Ottawa needs a real shot in the arm, so Flutie to Ottawa would be a great move in the right direction there.

Don't you think there's a reason why retirement was mentionned before the CFL option?

No, it was only a small article. I read the newspaper cover to cover usually and i missed it on my first flip through. The last thing they mentioned was that he has been contacted to play in teh CFL. I think he waiting on the NFL, and i believe that a CFL team could give him an offer he couldn't refuse.

somehow, I really doubt that Doug will retire, he is one of those kinda of players that will play until they can't by way of career ending injury or something, not retirement.

Interesting, would be awesome to see Doug running and throwing again here in our league and if would help the Gades, super, other than when they play my Cats. But my thinking is if Brady wants him back, Doug will stay with the Pats one more year.

Doug Flutie signing with the Renegades would be great for the Renegades, and by extension the CFL. I doubt he could turn them into Grey Cup contenders, but he would certainly improve the team, and he could sell tickets, and right now that's what the Gades need most.

But how good would it be for Flutie? He's already been in a situation in the CFL where he wasn't being paid what he was owed. That's why he left the Stampeders, remember? While I'm sure he'd be happy to return to a starter's role in Canada, would he want to roll the dice on a franchise that might not be signing his cheques in a couple of months?

But I've got my fingers crossed. I really want the Renegades to succeed.

If Flutie comes back, he needs to end up somewhere where his old bones won't get whacked on every down. The already weak o-line in Ottawa was depleted of its two good elements this winter. I think any QB would have a hard time playing good in such conditions, even a legend like Flutie.

I think he would be too old to play. That doesn't change that he could be a quality coach.

To old to play.?...probably not..he's hasn't seen the beatings for awhile..
If Danny Mac, can stand in there, last year...Flutie still could be SuperMan
Just how good, his offensive line will protect him...is the answer...
But something has to be said about a 20 someting QB getting off the turf, compared to 40 something.
We can only Hope...if Flutie returns to the CFL...seems like a perfect ending to his Career..

I'm not so sure I'd want the guy back no matter what the circumstances might be. Personally, I'll never forgive the guy for playing the worst game of his career and sending the Grey Cup to Baltimore. Mind you, when I see those loyal Stallion fans still coming to Canada for Grey Cup celebrations, even after all these years, maybe I need to rethink my grudge against Flutie.
Stallion fans ... love ya and see ya in Winnipeg!

yeah, he would be better at that job than Mr. run and shoot O.