Flutie Bros Comming to CFL again?

I’ve heard rumors that the Flutie bros may come back to the CFL for a season or two to play together, and I was just wondering if anyone has heard anything to confirm or deny this. And if they are comming back I would like to know who you think they will wind up playing for seeing as no one really needs a quarterback and I dont think anyone wants to see them end up there.

No one would like to see them come back? Man! You must live in a treehole, because when that rumour first came up, huddlites were unanimous : we want the great Flutie to come home.

The Fluties would be like the Magic Circus. Everybody would want to see them in action. Here’s how I think ranks the nine them interest in getting them:

High interest

1- Renegades: The Rens need to make something happen. Fan support - which wasn’t the biggest in the league already - isn’t healthy. That’s mainly due to the fans being tired of seeing bad management decisions. Getting the Fluties would give the team the charisma it needs to create a buzz. It’s not important if they are old, because I really don’t think they’d play more than one season. Kerry Joseph could learn big from Doug and be a better captain afterward. He could surf on the buzz and get the Rens going.

2- Tiger-Cats: Could Hamilton get Doug Flutie, they’d just release ol’ DannyMac. Old QB for old QB, McManus is often questionned whereas Flutie is still seen as a CFL God. I don’t see Brady taking the helm anything soon (if anywhen) so Doug would be a great pick-up. As for Darren, he’s a local hero and it’s not like the team can’t make some room for him with the receivers they have.

3- Roughriders: Let’s imagine for a second that Green goes down with broken bones in game one, and Crandell plays just like Crandell. Ugh. What you do? Crawl all season long behind the Blue Bombers in the rankings or get yourself a six times MVP?

4- BlueBombers: They have three young and almost inexperienced QB. Flutie could give them so much to learn that Winnipeg might end up with a 1-2 punch as good as BC. Just think about what Flutie did for Drew Brees in San Diego. And with Flutie not hanging around for long, the three young guns would get their career going the next year.

Little interest

5- Stampeders: Sure, they paid Burris big money, but what they want is to win. They have to. So if Burris goes goofing around carrying its football like a loaf of bread and fumbling all the time, the very rich new owners (they already proved that point) could be tempted to buckle-up the buckle and get Flutie to finish where he started. They’d also have room for Darren, who could become a decoy to avoid Copeland from being double-covered all the time.

6- Argonauts: As it is the case in Hamilton, they already have a geriatric QB and no real insurance policy behind him (especially if Bishop keeps having this much fun in the AFL). Allen is injury-prone. Anything could happen. And let’s not forget what Flutie did for Toronto in 1996 AND 1997. A comeback would be good for the show, and there is room for more fans in Rogers Skydump.


7- Alouettes: Okay, Don Matthews is all about Calvillo. But Calvillo isn’t unbreakable. And Flutie gave Matthews two Grey Cup wins in the 90s. People in Montreal have enough of seeing the team choke in the playoffs. They want something done. But I doubt Flutie would be the solution.

8- Eskimos: Hugh Campbell is allergic to losing. When he loses, he panics and buys everything he sees. You never know. I believe he’d be able to sign Flutie just to keep another western team from doing it.


9- Lions: The Lions already have enough trouble picking their starting QB. The last thing they need is another star.

MONEY …MONEY… Man; Whoever come’s up with the right cash will probably sign Doug. and that will probably be south of the border. It would be nice, THIRD AND TEN, to have the ‘Flake man’ playing in the CFL, but I have a feeling an NFL club will sign him even if he is just standing around with a clipboard. Flutie doesn’t owe our league anything, even though we gave the Heissman Trophy winner a place to play when the NFL rejected him at first because of his size. It would be great for him to start with any CFL club, for all the reasons suggested, except the BOMBERS who are going to surprise a few people (Spergon Wynn signing) and finish better than you think. Anyway hope the Fluties decide to suit up again here…would make the season very interesting. Hope someone up here can come up with the cash. :!:

Flutie’s going to play baseball…LOL Did anyone else see the highlight last night when he caught the foul ball at the Red Sox game?

IT’S not too late to start another career , I guess , but I would think his throwing ability would be better than his catching…did someone try to tackle him for the ball or did he throw it back I never caught the hi-lite. :roll:

I think you guys are flogging a dead horse. Neither one is going to come back.

i obviously didnt put the thought into this as u all did… i pretty much just ran through all the teams in my head and thought… hmmm no one seems to really need a qb and im not sure about the recievers arround the league"… and thats pretty much it… but id love to see the Renagades get them

nooo…he belongs nowhere.

ottawa…their QB future is in Banks and Joseph, cant disrupt that.

montreal…calvillo…no need

hamilton…danny mac is old enough, they need a young QB to take over

toronto…their losin QBs but flutie’ll retire before allen does

winnipeg…3 QBs are enough, they have other areas to waste money on

saskatchewan…they seem to be set with greene and crandell, nothin special, but they can afford flutie, and he wouldnt be a fit there anyway

edmonton…they got 2 decent QBs, and probably have salary cap issues

calgary…burris and others have put them in salary cap issues, and they dont need him

bc…dickenson…hes ther man

…the best bet flutie has is calgary, and they dont want him

I’m all for Doug and possibly Darren coming back. With the expanded International Broadcast agreement (well over 100 countries I believe and massive exposure in the USA), this is a great way to expose the world to the CFL…and Hamilton is positioned to do this right. The CFL should be chomping at the bit at the possibilities.

The fact that Hamilton doesn’t really need him to create interest in the Tiger Cat franchise now speaks to those that think this is a gimmick to put bums in seats…it’s not!..we already expect sell outs galore this year.

The Flutie scenario is a win-win-win for the CFL in general.

There’s an interesting poll on this in “ticats.ca” that Bob Young started yesterday…3 pages of comments already and a steady 70% in favour of Doug or both Doug and Darren returning.

click here for Bob Young’s Flutie Poll

Hope everyone is having a great weekend !


Pazz, I think the Wynn signing is a good one for the Bommbers just in case Glenn does not get it going your team now has anothe proven option. In fact I like Wynn better then Glenn my opinion. This has really improved the Bombers Congrads to the Bombers and cry all you want Rider losers.

Man, if the Fluties end up in Hamilton, I’ll add IvorWynn to the list of destinations I’ll go to in 2005…

And I promise I’ll cheer for them even if the Als are the visiting team ! (I’d cheer for the Als too, but I’d applause any great play from the Flaky bros)

I heard on the radio this morning that Hamilton has made both of them an offer. Neither has given an answer but both say they will only play if the other does.

this post goes back to esks32001. To say Esks may run into a salry cap issue is like saying you might have to have sex to get pregnant.

LOL.Although they are definitely in a situation where it could become a problem, there won’t ever truly be salary cap issues until there is truly salary cap enforcement.

and all this time i thought it was storks

TSN is reporting Dougie is signing with the Patriots…so sorry Hamilton…

CTV is saying this
Doug Flutie is going home - to New England. ESPN reports that Flutie will join the defending Super Bowl champion New England Patriots and will likely compete for a spot as Tom Brady’s backup for the upcoming season. Flutie, who made a name for himself with Boston College twenty years ago, was a member for the Patriots before starting an eight-year stint in Canada with the CFL.