Flutie alive and well in NFL

Doug Flutie led two scoring drives for New England in limited playing time tonight:

  • Flutie drove the Patriots 41 yards in 3 plays throwing a TD pass in his first series.
  • then Flutie drove the Patriots 66 yards on 7 plays leading to a field goal in the pre-season game against New Orleans. He was the only Patriot QB to throw for a TD including Tom Brady.
    Does this guy ever get old???????????????????????????????????????

The CFL still misses you Doug- good luck in your hometown!!

Yup, he is home.

.........was this the real Doug Flutie?.......or RoboFlutie?........

You gotta love how talented and competitive Doug Flutie is. I hope someday he comes back to the CFL and Darren comes back too. Darren would be making a difference to the Cats right now as he is a leader and a top player.


Flutie's still good enough to start in the NFL - probably not over Brady in NE, but I can name at least ten crummy teams who have a QB who sucks, but are starting them just because of good numbers in college or were a high draft pick and were paid a big signing bonus.

NFL politics suck.

Sad but rue!

...Politics in NFL- you are dead on!

Just read the summary of the Pats game on the NFL and New England sites. It is all about Brady (who I think is very good) and other stuff. Barely mentions Flutie leading the best scoring drives of the night. Flutie's touchdown throw came off a no-huddle offence on his second play for a TD pass. Now, that is a veteran QB who could help many teams. Plus, we all now how competitive Flutie is!! What a shame he was not utilized the way he should have been down south. Two games stand out highlighting missed opportunities by his teams in the NFL. One with Buffalo where he absolutely was on fire against the Seahawks and threw for over 400 yards completing close to 70% of his passes in a lopsided win- last game of the season after Buffalo had been eliminated. Next was for San Diego where he whipped Minnesota, a very good team that year, throwing for over 400 yards and running for a touchdown. Of course, Flutie only played in one more game???????????????????????????????? Lastly, was the bonehead playoff game in Buffalo where Flutie had led them to win 5 of their last 6 games to make the playoffs after the ineffective Rob Johnson got hurt. Of course the dummies start Johnson who was miserable in the 1st half- do they go to Flutie --NO- another playoff loss with Tennesse winning and going on to the Super Bowl. It could have been Flutie leading them to the Super Bowl and winning!!!!

CFL rules
nfl droola!!

Good luck to Fluite! We miss him but ar least he is showing the NFL a thing or two!

The bright side for Doug is if he has come to terms with his situation. He earns a ton of great money in the NFL and his body takes a lot fewer hits and strain by not facing 60 min games each week. That likely is more than he would earn here as the no. 1 QB on a CFL team - although that would be nice for the CFL to get him back.

Buck Pierce-I learned a lot about perseverance. Things aren’t always going to go your way. I’ve become so much more aware of the realities of the game and life…Things can be taken away from you. You can either sit back…or overcome it and fight through it....

I just can't kick this vision of Flutie stepping in for an injured Brady to hand the Patriots another SuperBowl. What sweet glory!!!

Doug Flutie, what a guy! Wish he was still here but glad he is doing well in the NFL. Go get em, again, Dougie!