FLUTIE # 1 in Tsn's...TOP 50...now the fans can vote!

TSN did an excellent job broad casting the final 10 CFL greatest players , live on the internet and on T.V. The top 10 were are there in person except for PARKER # 3 [his son was there].

THE TOP 50 list isn't bad. Check it out at TSN.ca

The only one that I feel who got robbed was JOE KROL should have been higher than # 46. :thdn:

:thup: :thup: TSN... NOW HAS A FAN VOTE FOR THE GREATEST CFL PLAYERS. You can vote for yours at TSN.ca :thup: :thup:

thanks for the info Hellothere!!! Good stuff!

In my opinion Flutie is a bad choice, unfortunately many of the voters never saw a lot of guys on the list play.

He wouldn't have been my first chioce but now it is the FANS turn to vote at TSN.ca :thup:

:thup: All FANS can vote for their own TOP 10. :thup: :thup: They will show the FANS list NOV 27th , on TSN. :thup: :thup:

ok , so if damon allen couldn't crack the top 10 of all time, why were all these people hyping him up to be in the pro football hall of fame, dude cant even be top ten in his own league, and he wants the pro football hall of fame to acknowledge him, when they havent recognized any other cfl player?

The PRO FOOTBALL HALL OF FAME in the U.S. , should be called , The NFL HALL OF FAME!

It is just like calling the SUPERBOWL winner the world champion.

Only 1 country plays 4 down football. So I guess it is easy to be the world champion of 4 down football every year , no matter who wins the SUPERBOWL.
It is a U.S.A. thing only.

The CFL is 3 down football.

so we both agree that he doesn't belong in the Pro football hall of fame/ nfl hall of fame in canton ohio.

Flutie himself said he should have spent his whole career in the CFL, so just think of what kind of numbers he may have put up if he played 12 or 15 years in this league. Although he is not my favourite player, he is a good choice for #1.

I always loved to watch Flutie play. He just added so much excitement to any game he was in. I'll never forgive the Bills for how they handled the situation with him and Johnson. They've been in the dumps ever since. 'The Flutie Curse' perhaps?

I wouldn't have picked him as #1, but he definitely belongs in the top 10. One of the classiest athletes ever.

Sort of surprising the CFL's second all-time leading passer did not make it. Danny McManus. You know, he has 50,000 career passing yards. I know people like to point at his interceptions, but you must acknowledge also his incredible record for the fewest sacks allowed in season. In 1999, he was sacked only seven times!
In 2001, he only threw nine interceptions.

Whatever. Here's another stat: McManus has only about 20 fumbles in his CFL career. Allen has about 70 more! Allen obviously deserves a shot on the list though, and ahead of DMac by virtue of his longevity.
Still, I would have liked to see him sneak into one of the last few spots...Darren did.
His most incredible record was going eight straight years with 4000 yards passing or more, ending with the 1-17 year.

How ironic , in a humourous way, that Pinball Clemons is #31 on the list. Anybody else finish in the same spot as their playing number?

Vote for your own choices at TSN.ca :thup:

the Choices were good choices. I didn’t agree where Chris Walby could end up ahead of so many players BETTER than him?! but eh whatever…

There were a lot of odd choices…

I agree , so vote for your own choices. :thup:

I think it relative to position. One doesnt normally think of O-line when you think of best players, but walby, and schultz, were a cut above their peers and deserve to be recognized.

sure.. but an O-lineman doesn't deserve to be THAT high!

I agree! :thup:

Here is what Ron Lancaster had to say.

Always an ambassador for the CFL, Lancaster posed for photos with fans and signed autographs. He refused to turn away a single person. And in a rare quiet moment, he respectfully disagreed with the selection of quarterback Doug Flutie as the top player in CFL history

Lancaster would have chosen the late Jackie Parker, who died last week in Edmonton at age 74.

"Jack wasn't the best quarterback," Lancaster said. "He wasn't the best runner. He wasn't the best receiver. He wasn't the best defensive back. But he was the best football player I've ever seen. If you put Doug Flutie on a team with Jackie Parker, you sure wouldn't lose too many games."

At least it was kind of fun , but it is like choosing which album was the best of all time.

It is very subjective as all of these things are.

Still think that a requirement for being on the panel should have been, being around to have seen the principals. Guaranteed those old enough to remember the 50's and 60's did not pick Flutie #1.