Flute as head coach in Argo Land ????

Argos eye Flutie as possible coach
Wednesday, November 19, 2008 By PERRY LEFKO Sportsnet.ca

The Toronto Argonauts have assembled an interesting list for their vacant head coaching position.

Sportsnet.ca has learned some of the candidates include onetime New York Giants' head coach Jim Fassel, Green Bay Packers' quarterback coach Tom Clements and former Argo quarterbacks Doug Flutie and Damon Allen.

Fassel, currently working as a color commentator for NFL game broadcasts on Westwood One radio, worked for the Giants beginning in the late '90s.

[url=http://www.sportsnet.ca/football/cfl/2008/11/19/argos_fassel/]http://www.sportsnet.ca/football/cfl/20 ... os_fassel/[/url]

Clements sounds interesting. Flutie no, he hasn't been into coaching and I don't seem him with his type A personality understanding that most qb's don't have his athletic ability.

Somehow I don't see either Flutie or Allen as coaching material...............

Now Tom Clements, on the other, hand, I have always thought would make a fine coach, either as head man or offensive coordinator, if he could be enticed back to the CFL.

Rather see the Cats bring him in as OC than see him in any capacity with the blue team, since Danny Mac has ruled out being the offensive coordinator in Hamilton.

Flute would be a good coach for Brian Piccolo.

I am as big a Flutie fan as there is. Been a Flutie Flake Fanatic since Boston College.

I say, NO WAY would be he a good CFL coach right now. Specially HC. He would have to start off with high school, or college assistant and spend 10 yrs working his way up and maturing to where he could handle players not as skilled as he was without wanting to tear his hair out.

Although I wouldn't rule out Flutie becoming a premier coach in any league if he works at it and sticks with it, he is very smart afterall. But usually excellent athletes don't make great coaches, usually anyways.


Jerry Organ as kicking coach.

I hated watching Clements in his last years with the Bombers, but I bet he'd make an excellent coach. Can't imagine him ever returning to Hamilton though.

Not chance we see Tom Back he got Great Jon working in GB as there QB Coach
Making 200,000 a year..

I can't see Tom Clements coming back to the CFL either, and it's a shame because he is a pretty good coach, at least at the QB level. He got more out of Kordell Stewart than anyone else ever did. I think Brett Favre enjoyed working with him in Green Bay and Aaron Rogers seems to be coming along under his tutelage too. He had less success as a coordinator in Buffalo, but it wasn't a great situation there at the time.

He's a very intelligent person and I imagine he has ambitions to become a NFL coordinator again. This is probably realistic.

The CFL can't compete in terms of money (don't forget we pay in Canadian dollars with higher taxes to boot), and probably not in terms of career path. So I doubt very much he'll ever return.

Even if he did, I think Hamilton would be the last place he would consider. When he was playing here he got booed mercilessly and had his house vandalized. Those good ole' Hamilton hard-scrabble fans! Going to Winnipeg was a godsend for him. Got him another Grey Cup ring too.... against you know who. His memories of Hamilton would be all negative ones. What goes around comes around. Too bad for us.

Who knows though, maybe he is someone who doesn't hold grudges and lets bygones be bygones, no idea though to be honest.

Valid point. Kent Austin was booed out of Regina, but turned up there several years later as head coach.

The situations were different. Austin was still popular with Rider fans up until he was traded. The perception of many Rider fans was that Austin wanted out, and "deserted" the team. I remember attending a Lions @ RIders game I believe in '94, where they had a junked Austin Mini set up near the stadium painted in Lions colors with Austin's number 7, and you could wack it with a sledge hammer for 5 bucks or so. When he was still a Rider, I think the worst he got was the usual groaning and complaining from drunks calling in to the radio after games.

As others have mentioned, Clements suffered absurd abuse from Hamilton fans while he was still on the team. Very different scenario.

While waiting for the train the way up to montreal in Toronto friday somebody mentioned that the argos were talking to Flutie. I thought he was too old to play now but if he went there maybe Darren would too. A coaching role is a big role for him and it would really can hurt Dougs Image too. Interesting at best! :?

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