Flu shot every year?

Do you guys get the flu shot every year?

Have for the last 20 years. Every one in my family does. Haven't had an issue yet.

Yup ... I know it is all a government conspiracy to keep me alive ... but I do it anyway

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Well go figure here it goes. Until Labour Day weekend 2020, I had not had the flu since age 5. I had my test that weekend and tested negative. I was fine after only a day of heavy symptoms as symptoms lingered until late Monday.

And I have not had a flu shot since perhaps I was a child perhaps about 8 or 9 years old.

Now though, I will get one.

I'm one of those folks who simply does not get sick. But this year, I have had two illnesses. I'm recovering from the first one, and it's not a respiratory illness or related to the virus and preceded its spread in the US by a few weeks for that matter.

That flu went behind me with only one day of symptoms over that weekend, but it was frightening given that I had been exposed to a co-worker in the prior two weeks.

And so now as I will embark on my 50th year of life, well it's time.

Yep, worked in a large health care institution where immunization was, if exactly not ‘required’, very highly encouraged and expected. Immunization updates were provided, from TB (including chest X-rays) to hepatitis, and everything in between, including seasonal flu shots. Never had a problem, and have continued to the present, including getting shingles, and pneumonia shots, and routine updates. Have no idea why people reject the concept of immunization, which along with antibiotics and public health/public sanitation practices virtually doubled our life expectancy during the last century.

never had one. Cant remember the last time I had flu.

Fyi FYB, a flu infection can cause memory loss! :grinning:

these days, so can every thing else apparently, sigh

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who said dat?

FYB...are you opposed to flu shots or just choose not to get it?

I just feel that for me, I do ok without them and why not leave well enough alone.

yeah. Me too until I got that H1N1 thing awhile back. It kicked the crap out of me for along time. Bed, couch, bed, couch.
Now I think I should get one. Everybody says so.

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If you have a compromised immune system it would be a must. (if you are able to take a vaccine).

Flu shots are to make sure people do not overburden hospitals. Its a busy year for flu shots as people are trying to combat Covid as well.


When they do have a COVID vaccine, well that is great news but I for sure am not lining up first.

This news was from a trial underway in Brazil. I figure that volunteers for them sadly do not have high hopes otherwise, but every additional death from this pandemic is sad.

I will get a flu shot at my first chance otherwise though.

Just got my flu shot; wasn't too long a line at my local Loblaws with a pharmacy inside it.

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I'm getting mine on Thursday.

Sully...still with the CFL?

Yep, still kickin' it! Reduced hours and all that but hey, we don't have any income this year - everyone has to take a hit.

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The volunteer may well have been on the placebo, not the vaccine being tested.

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No and I haven't had the seasonal flu in probably 20 years.

I rarely get sick so not much push to get the shot

Maybe 5 to 10 times in past 40+ years?

I still think it helps I just am too busy to bother most years