Floyd vs. Kelly

Was just reading this article in the spec sports section and thought I would post it here.
Finally its clear who and why Otis Floyd was going at after the game.

Floyd, Kelly in words war

'He won't be around much longer,' says Otis
November 09, 2009
Drew Edwards
The Hamilton Spectator
WINNIPEG (Nov 9, 2009)

Otis Floyd was probably the only guy in the Ticat locker-room without a smile on his face after Hamilton's 39-17 win over Winnipeg yesterday.

Floyd engaged in a war of words with Winnipeg coach Mike Kelly both before and after the game that ended the Bombers' season and gave the Cats their first home playoff date since 2001.

The nine-year veteran was trying to engage Winnipeg quarterback Michael Bishop in some trash talking before the game when Floyd says Kelly intervened.

"His response was: 'They don't talk to stupid, ignorant people. He said, 'You're too stupid anyway,'" Floyd said. "After the game, I said 'Better luck next year.'"

At this point, Floyd says Kelly told him to "go expletive deleted myself."

Floyd said he's never got into a war of words with a coach before.

"I have too much respect for a coach. I never got into it with no coach, ever. Every coach in the league knows I talk a lot of trash, but I don't talk trash to them. But, when he disrespected me, all that went out the door. I told him I've been around this league a long time and he won't be around much longer. He can come work at my car wash when he's finished. I'll put him on wheels so he's on his knees all day," Floyd said.

With the win -- and the right to keep playing -- Floyd says he got the last laugh.

"I'm so happy, I might send him some wings and popcorn so he can watch us play next week. I'll send him some flowers, too."


yea read it. What a moron Kelly is. Floyd is right, he won't be around long.

LMAO…Good for Otis!!

I may be in a minority, but I'll miss Kelly if he's gone. . . he's been off the wall, controversial, and lots of fun. . . just as long as he's not coaching my team. . .

The Winnipeg Sun reports Kelly wanted to know in the post game media scrum if Floyd has a university degree. Kelly is an embarassment to the league and the Winnipeg fans deserve much better. Apparently he has two years guaranteed on his contract so firing him would mean the team eats that money. However, the drop in season ticket renewals would be expensive too.

That explains why Otis was so pissed off when Markeith helped Bishop up.

The only thing Kelly has been successful at this year is being a complete moron. The guy is a buffoon. He clearly knows NOTHING about being a coach, choosing a QB or keeping his big trap shut. The only reason I'd miss him is because he constantly makes a fool of himself and that is pretty entertaining. His BIG mouth may well have cost his team that game. I love it that Coach B mentioned the fact that their trash talk of our players may have contributed to our win.... eat that Kelly.

Good for Otis and I just earned even more respect for him.

My sentiments exactly.

I think it just highlights the issues with Kelly. He's got to have his nose in everything, how reporters should report, how fans should cheer, but dont tell him what he should do LOL!

Next he will be telling us he was protecting "his pride" like a lion protects his cubs LOL! Forgot he used that one already.

Mike Bishop does not need any help from Mike Kelly to protect himself and is one of the biggest trash talkers in the league, probably why Otis figured he'd play knowing Bishop would entertain him the whole game long.

I think the carwash comments were a little over the top there Otis :wink:

That was my favourite part lol. I was going to add that to my sig line as quote of the year....

Kelly called Otis stupid and ignorant. Bad move.

Also looks like the carwash comments came after Kelly said to a reporter that he hoped Otis would need luck finding a job...

We've seen ugly all season long from Kelly. You got to know this loss stings and brings in to question everything Bauer and Kelly have done this year.

you gatta love floyd

"That explains why Otis was so pissed off when Markeith helped Bishop up."

That was a bad move by Floyd where he pulled Knowlton away from helping Bishop off the turf. It's good that Floyd is spirited but he has to realize there is a limit to it. It's almost football tradition and good form to help a guy up that you knocked down on the play.

I was very disappointed when I saw that.

Neat pic good fan. :thup:

:lol: :" PUT HIM ON WHEELS SO HE IS ON HIS KNEES ALL DAY " that's a classic :thup:

I hope Kelley pilots the Bummers for a long time and we should thank him for sending us our star QB Glenn. :thup: :lol: Next year we'll kick them in the Bombs.

Someone needed to put Kelly in his place, good for you Otis. It is the leaders like Floyd that change the world.
Doc 8)

I normally agree with you on most things but not this. Otis has to do whatever he has to do to get himself and his teammates fired up and winning games. He wasn't breaking any rules at all.

I didn't see it and when I first heard about it I was a little surprised, but knowing what I now know about what Kelly said to Otis, I don't blame him at all.

Doubt very much if you asked Mosca if it was tradition to help up a player that you just decked, if he would agree. He use to tell his own players not to do it, you put him down let him get up on his own, uses up energy. He wouldn't shake hands on the field either. Said he would gladly go out for a beer with them after the game but would not even acknowledge them on the field. Not making this up, it was from an article I recall readying back in Ang's playing days.

I was a little apprehensive when we signed Floyd. Thought he might be over the hill. But he has been the attitude adjustment this defense needs. I met him once and hes truly a really cool guy off the field, but if I was on offense, Id hate to play against him and listen to him.

Great Job Otis reminding Knowlton that Bishop doesnt need help getting up, hes got 5 O-Lineman to do that.

And even better job telling Kelly where to go. I think you spoke for 99% of CFL fans and Bomber fans for that matter. Clearly, hes one of the most arrogant ignorant people in all pro sports.

Bring on the Lions…Hey Kelly - you could learn a thing or two from Coach Buono in the class department.