Floyd and Adams re sign


Good News :smiley:

GRRRRRRRRrrrrrrrrreat. :thup:

Continuity and depth are good things. Now let's hope Obie signs Dyakowski, Beveridge, Grant, and Williams. :smiley:
Pat Lynch(the old guy in section 7)

Yes!Otis Floyd's da bomb!Love his trash talkin', hard hittin' ways.And Darrell adams definitely didn't get a chance to give us his best in '09 due to injury, but when he did play he was awesome!
2010 is the year of the Tiger baby!
GO CATS GO! :rockin:

Nice to see two solid players will be back.

Great news!! Merry Christmas to us...

Now Dyakowski....

Good news already. I'm surprised Floyd is coming back, happy but surprised. I thought he might retire. I guess he's still got more to say :lol: .

And more to accomplish like a grey cup ring!


Sweet! This is good :smiley:

great job by the cats locking up some key players