Flory re-signs

A year and an option, natch.

Great to have him back.

Good news; it's been a good week/off-season so far.Thanks to Mr.Popp.

Presently 10 players could become free agents on Feb. 15,2009. They are: Bratton, Calvillo, Claybrooks, Estelle, Fritz, Gallant, Imoh, Mudge, Spencer and Stala. Amongst these players, I don't consider Calvillo a potential free agent. The health of his wife will dictate if he rerturns or not. Let's wish her well. We will know soon/within a month.

I definitely don't expect all of them to return,starting with Gallant. Stala and /or Mudge could return at a reduced salary. Imoh should be signed soon along with possibly Bratton and Spencer. Claybrooks could return, but it would not be a great loss if he does not. We could find better. Fritz could be back,also at a reduced salary. With regards to Estelle, he remains a question mark to me. He is not worth what he thinks.

Amongst the active players I don't expect Banks to be at training camp; he's been in this league for 6 years and last year he was number 4 QB. Not a future number 1; he has to go. Same with Khalil Carter who is 32.

I would not be surprised if Jamal Richardson extends his contract, before the end of 2008; to sign in the NFL he will request a signing bonus of no less than $50,000.

To me and as I wrote earlier, our number 1 priority in this 2008-2009 off-season is a MLB; only candidate remains Maurice Lloyd; we could sign him, if he becomes a free agent and release Reggie Hunt to "liberer" some funds.


With this latest signing, a potential of 10 free agents remain; they are, in alpha....order, Bratton,Calvillo,Claybrooks,Estelle,Fritz,Gallant,Imoh,Mudge,Spencer and Stala.

To me, Calvillo is not a potential free agent; the health of his wife will dictate what he does.Let's pray for her to be in good health.

Mudge and Stala could be back, but at a much reduced salary.

Gallant will not be back; to be back Claybrooks will have to accept quite less than what he is asking; same for Estelle.

Fritz and Spencer are question marks.

Bratton and Imoh should/will most probably sign this month, particularly Imoh.


I agree, Calvillo will not sign anywhere but in Montreal. His wife is from here and his children were born here. LIke you said, it is his wife's health that will decide.

I believe Claybrooks has been successful at defense tackle and, we should not mess with success!!