Flory may have played his last game

I was affraid of this...


I can’t speak about the last game as I chose not to watch it in its entirety in order to control my temper and blood pressure!

It’s hard to believe that a whole lot of things can go wrong to a whole lot of players at the same time. While not impossible, it is also not implausible. To be sure, a lot of folks are questioning the offensive strategy this season wondering why tamper with a system that seemed to be working well? Even Jack Todd asked that question in his column today but also confessed that he figures that the coaching staff knows best. Sure hope so!

To be honest, AC and the O-line have looked absolutely out of synch from the get-go. Is this completely on the Miller? Maybe so. However, our boys on the O-line are seasoned vets and have played under several different coaches in the last few years. They have always come up big when needed. That is not the case so far. And now we may have lost one of our perennial all-stars for good and another is out for a long time.

It may well be a long season after all. Then again, a few Ws strung together… I’m not one to throw things at the TV screen, but have come close early on in this campaign. I’m going to root for the Als this season, but I’ll be taking it at a low key. We used to talk about the “nervy ninth” with the Expos back a few years ago. That’s exactly how I feel about the Als in this early part of the season. I sure hope we can put those games behind us - and fast! Sheesh!

It would be a shame if Thursday was his last game, but time flies and nothing is forever.

Happy Birthday Scott! and good luck in your rehab.

And I guess the good news is youll no longer have to roll your eyes at Millerss game plans.

Scott is established in St-Anne de Bellevue. Next season he should take over as Oline coach if he wants to. Eat some Bday cake and take care of that arm big guy. You were a Rider for a day but an Alouette forever.

The Als have announced that Scott Flory will be out for the remainder of the season,due to a complete bicep tear.

Good luck to Scott.


Owww that sounds really painful. Really fluke injury from what I remember hearing when it happened to Gionta. Best wishes and hopefully he stays with the organization in some capacity. The guy is a class act and its a shame such a player could end his career like this

You can take a look what's involved if you have a strong enough stomach.

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Ben Cahoon's birthday is today. I know I'm being a purist but seems like Flory's number deserves to be retired too along with Chiu and Calvillo but it'll probably be just Cahoon and Calvillo in the end.

Some wondered if he shouldn't have already retired, now we cross our fingers Calvillo doesn't suffer the same fate. He actually has a shot at breaking Sam Etcheverry's consecutive TD pass record of 34 if he gets one for each of the next 15 games. That would be a great way to end a career.

You know what would have been a great way to end a career?

If he'd been a lot less selfish...had slowly allowed the only credible backup this team has had in it's present iteration enough playing time to establish himself legitimately...then drifted off into the sunset leaving the one team that gave him EVERYTHING (and their fans) a legacy they could believe in.

Now how's he going out?

The team is losing...BAD.
The players and coaches are at each others throats.
And if this all continues I wonder if AC will even have the integrity to endure an entire season.
(and with the oline dropping like flies...it's doubtful the choice will be up to him)

Sorry to fog up everyone's "love goggles"
But I ain't losing this team without a fight.

just curious, with all the doom and gloom, which CFL are you now cheering for given McPherson is not playing in the league? :cowboy: