Florida media says CFL is better than NFL!

Glad to see an American giving the CFL some respect. Until the day I die, I'll take the CFL over the NFL (No Fun League) anyday. The missing down, the wide field, the big-play potential, the 20-second clock, the high number of games decided in the last minute of the game ... CFL forever! Who cares if we don't have the best players? Our game is 100 times more entertaining than the NFL ever will be.

i dont know about that...we have one of the NFLs best players, in ricky williams, and he has looked less impressive than the CFL players ( sir charles, reynolds, etc )

I agree. The sad part about NFL football is that they have taken almost all of the improvisation out. That being said, I like the NFL as much as the CFL. I'm just glad that they are different as it means that some of the qualities that a player needs to excel in one league aren't necessarily needed in the other league. It means that the CFL can still attract some great athletes despite the fact that the NFL salaries are so much bigger.

NFL like most of us have been saying is the monicker for the No Fun League. Something that our American friends are finding out for themselves. Boooooooorrrrrrrrriiiiiiig.

US College games have been known to be more exciting than the NFL.

Don't get me wrong, I still watch the NFL, but it could use some "juicin up".

Like I said, you only had to watch Dante Marsh's interception return last Friday to realize the CFL is the greatest game in the world!

Here is a link to a great article about the history of our great game...


why is it that so many CFL fans feel the need to dis the NFl in order to support the CFL. There is no more wrong with the NFL than the CFL. They are both good games. If you cant enjoy the NFL, then you a very limited football fan. Just because our game is better doesnt mean that NFL sucks.

That's not true. Some of us like our brand of CFL football only. Has nothing to do with dissing the No Fun League.

Has nothing to do with dissing the No Fun League.

I liked this part:

In 1907 the Canadian Amateur Athletic Union expelled the Toronto Argonauts and Montreal Winged Warriors from the CIRFU for paying their players - a move that put the sport irrevocably on the road to full professionalism.
Even way back then, the Argos felt compelled to try to win by out-spending everyone else. Wouldn't it be fun if we still had the option of expelling them from the league for it?

The only real "dissing" of the NFL here has been to nickname it the No Fun League. That's hardly anything. How much "dissing" do you suspect the CFL puts up with in the States?!?

It's nice to see the CFL FINALLY getting the respect it deserves from down South. I'm sure part of it is the author being "inflammatory", but he still brings up great points, and they're all valid ... hopefully this will show some people that the CFL is not "second-rate".

There's also this article - http://www.cfl.ca/index.php?module=news ... &nid=10082 - which may give the CFL-bashers some ammo (it's about why Ricky hasn't done so much), but it should do more to prove that the CFL is a top-notch league. Plus there's this quote from Eric Tillman, which I think is 100% true: "I think the athletes in this league are better than even some people here realize, they're just smaller ... I think people that expect anyone coming from the National Football League to come here and 'dominate' ... I think [they lack] an adequate appreciation for the quality of the athlete here." (btw, Sean Salisbury seems to be an idiot. He predicted Ricky would rush for 4000 yds up here. Give me a break ... this is what I mean about the CFL not getting the respect it deserves)

And btw, I think college football is great to watch.

That synopsis sounds familiar -- and accurate. :wink:

Now if yopu want a great history of Cdn football --- ooops, no self-promotion allowed. :lol:

Well, that quote/info is a bit wrong.

Mtl team didn't have any moniker then.

It was the Winged Wheelers, not Warriors. And I believe, tho it's late and I'm brain dead, it was the moniker for the McGill team.

But the severing of relations didn't matter much. That's what led to formation of so-called Big Four which was still under control of CRU.

In case you didn't know, US football had three downs til 1911.

Cdn football had Fair Catch til early 1890s.

I knew about the 3 downs, it was to make 5 yards for a 1st, right? But didn't know about the fair catch. Interesting.

Yes, 3 downs to go 5 yards.

Back then they played a 90-minute clock too, but it was continuous (like soccer today) and no play clock, meaning there could be twice as much standing around as the NFL today, and the clock would still run. Too little time, too little offensive production, and you have the 4 down system - a great improvement before the advent of the forward pass.

Also, in early days, U.S. gridiron games were played on 110 x 53 yard fields…


Didn't U.S. football play with 12 men at one time?

Great article :thup:

But we still have our own inventions. :thup:

A single post holding up the 2 feild goal posts is one.The Rouge , of couse is another.

Stop time in the last 3 minutes and our new over time invention.

no fair catch...ect...

2 point converts is another.

The U.S. started the foward pass and a huddle [for an American school for the deaf].

I wonder if jbedell knows this guy......did you give him anysight on the game jack or are the Amercs just waking up to the facts....

Argos_Bills will not be pleased! :lol: :lol: :lol: :thup: