Florida Gator Fans.... What About Leak?

I may be wrong but I understand that the 'Cats have the neg. rights to Leak.

With the BCS championship under his belt has his stock gone up in the minds of NFL teams? Is this a wishful thinking ‘rights’ because Leak is a lock (I like the sound of that) on an NFL roster or does he have qualities that make it look likely that the CFL is a possibility?

hmm good question.. i dont kno but id like 2 see him play here hes had solid play.

Leak is way too inconsistent but the CFL thrives off us college players who don't hack it in the NFL for the same reason.

we would be lucky to get leak. not likely though he will end up on a nfl team as a 2nd or 3rd guy and go on to have a productive nfl career. just be happy were not getting his brother cj. he was awful. also we have to consider that along with leak we get a dad that pulls alot of strings.

He'll prolly get drafted in the mid rounds in the NFL..or be a practice roster type player

I don't care if its him or his brother.

The Cats have to take a Leak. :oops:

As a Gators fan, I wouldn’t mind seeing the Ticats giving Chris Leak a chance. I don’t believe he has what it takes to be the prototypical NFL quarterback, and for that reason, I don’t see him getting drafted. But I am sure he will get a contract offer from an NFL team based solely on his past accomplishments.

After that, the key is whether or not he still wants to pursue a professional football career, and thats where the Ticats come in!

I think he has an ideal mix of pocket patience and mobility to be a successful CFL quarterback. The only question I have is with his arm strength. Hopefully we will find out one day!

  • paul