Florida Camp

Our first US free agent camp was held today in Tamp-Bay Florida. Heres hoping Obie found a monster D-lineman.

Any news on how it went?

not yet but expect some word on alot of import signings in the next few days. wour Texas and California camps are coming up soon to. Obie should hold a Pennsylvania camp, the best northern pro factory. or possibly ohio or michigan.

Ken Peters says were gonna sign 6 new guys from the Florida camp, including 2 receivers that are apparently pretty good http://catchat.thespec.com/

Gee i dont know if a pretty reciever is gonna help us !!!! Sorry couldnt resist ... lol ....

sorry the good was attached to the link

In Obie we trust…

Texas and California to go, come on Obie! find us a decent O- tackle, another WR and a monster DT!

Obie dose know talent

Hopefully, in addition to these two receivers (one of whom Obie thinks could be our next great kick returner), we found:

-a monster DT who can push the pocket forward
-some OL candidates who can push the guys we currently employ there
-a third LB to work alongside Mariuz and Moreno
-a fourth QB who can compete with Williams and Chang

even if we didn't, we still have Texas and California to go. The latter of which is probably the best pro factory in the country.