Hey…not football related.

But I really hope that the floods subside and the posters here, at least, get out of this without too much hurt or damage.

Sure looks awful from a few provinces over. Mother Nature sure seems angry the world over.
Good luck.

....that floodway known as Duffs ditch sure comes in handy in the Peg....not so much for other communities in Manitoba...I think they'll be alright though...once everything crests :slight_smile:

yeah winnipeg city is fine except some propertys by the river, well... sandbags are needed but they always are.. its the communities to the south and north of winnipeg that are being washed out but.. sounds like a broken record.. they always are. this happens every year. red river valley... a valley.. water..

happens every year lol plus we got snowed on last night/this morning :slight_smile: fun.

i personally think they should just move these people in the areas that are flooded every year to the city already.. and just... u know what.. just let the river do what its gonna do, its mother nature, its an act of GOD :stuck_out_tongue: its just.. you cant stop it from happening so just let it become what it wants to..

people say manitoba is boring and flat.. :stuck_out_tongue: well, imagine coming in from the usa or ontario or sask... imagine driving over a bridge and all you see around you is water.. SPECTACULAR :stuck_out_tongue:

its what its supposed to be, our lakes here formed when the great glacial lake agassiz (look it up, massive) started melting.. the water left behind formed our lakes and rivers and whatever else we have here and lake of the woods and into minnesota even.. Its quite something... glacial lake is just a bunch of ice... kinda like what causes the floods :stuck_out_tongue:

the areas that it covers at one time were covered by the glacial lake ... why not just let it be, what it wants to be instead of rebuilding every year and wasting the same amount of money on it.. in the long run, it would be cheaper and more effective to move these people out of these communities and just... let mother nature do what she pleases.