Flooding in Red Hill Valley......new stadium could help

Yes its expensive but the city can start making it mandatory that all parking lots have their own storm water collection systems that don't dump into the city storm water systems making it simply a cost of doing business

Earl, you are 100% correct. As I said earlier, crops such as corn and soy beans naturally provide thair own shade and water retention and if grown on a hard clay base such as what we find on the East Mountain and Upper Stoney Creek, provide little in the way of protection against major run-off during a torrential rainstorm.

A golf course or sod farm absorbs more rainfall than the field of barley which is currently on the proposed east mountain stadium site.

A stadium there will actually help the current flooding problem in the Red Hill Creek watershed....not add to it.

If you are going to build a stadium up there, it should be grass for water absorbency, the pan ams will likely require it and if Bob is bringing a soccer franchise, they will almost certainly prefer grass over turf. The idea that astro turf (which is made up of silicon coated fibers with bits of recycled car tires) is going to help the site, is completely ludicrous. Rubber and silicon offers no absorbency at all, and this flooding only happened AFTER they paved over the valley after extensive clear-cutting. If anything, having turf up there is even more dangerous.

Some artificial turf requires infill such as silicon sand and/or granulated rubber made from recycled car tires. This material may carry heavy metals which can leach into the water table.
This is just the thing the Red Hill Creek needs after finally being rebuilt after years of neglect, heavy metal poisoning. There are water issues up there, heck there is a literal floodplain directly west around Dartnell Rd. The water issues have to be resolved by major infrastructure upgrades, which will need to be added to the stadium. Are such upgrades financially feasible for a stadium? Hopefully so, we don't have those budget figures, and the city is looking at getting them, lest they may suffer a class action lawsuit if the flooding continues.

This statement is totally false. The RHV flooded every year before the parkway was built but because it was largely hidden most didn't know or care

Actually it was largely because there wasn't a major highway going through it, but you are correct. I'm sure a some point the valley flooded, before the parkway was build. However, my main point is it wasn't until the parkway was built that it actually effected the lives of the people of Hamilton when the valley, and that the East Mountain site is poorly served if this keeps happening. I don't recall any reports of traffic accidents, or flooded basements occurring before that time. However feel free to prove me wrong if you could find such an article.


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The point is the Valley flooded every year and the city was warned of this for over 50 years. To think this is a surprise is mind boggling.

Hey, I'll agree with that, it's why I didn't vote for Larry Di Ianni or Mike Harris, you can't blame Fred for that one.

Its the main reason I voted for anyone but Larry. He's actually worse than Fred has proven to be.

I have an idea on who is going to pay.....TICAT FANS are......parking will be a monopoly...so expect to pay 30 or 40 per car.....it's 30.00 at Empire in Vancouver.......ticket prices will rise too....concession prices for food and drinks, another monopoly, will be outrageous.......I really worry that fickle Ticat fans will not pay these prices.....we already have low attendance and the cheapest tickets in the league......anywhere outside of downtown is a dangerous endeavor fueled by a businessman trying to contral ALL of your entertainment dollars for the evening.....ticket...parking...eating....drinking....there will be NO options for any of that at Bob Young Stadium...

How is this any different with any other entertainment outing? Do you get to take your own food and drink into a movie theatre or a concert? Why should a football game be any different?

Simply put, if you don't want to pay the prices, don't go to the games. It's no different than any other outing. If you think it's too expensive, stay home. I'm sure there will be someone to replace you. I know of at least a half-dozen people who will more than happily attend games if the new stadium is located on the East Mountain.

i think he's referring to the EM location.

WH/ downtown not only gives viable options to not driving, it also gives options for parking for those that want to drive.

It also gives options for pre and post game eating and imbibing.

I know what he was referring to, but my question still stands. How is going to a football game any different than going to a concert, for example? If you go to Copps for a concert you must pay for your ticket, pay to park, pay for food and/or drink, so they too are "trying to control ALL of your entertainment dollars for the evening." Why is that acceptable, but the Ti-Cats doing the same thing is not? Simple answer: it's not. In fact, it teeters on the border of hypocrisy.

Also, whether there are options to eat and drink before or after is not the Ti-Cats concern. Their concern is to maximize their profits, not provide a boost to local establishments.

And as for their being options, the East Mountain has options other than driving as well. I have walked there, driven there and taken a bus there. It's not some remote, accessible-by-car-only no man's land like some are portraying.