Flood CFL headquarters with mail..

Instead of waste all your energy on here whinning about this trade do something usefull like write Cohon and demand he penalize Winnipeg for trying to trade an injured player. This put us in a huge disadvantage and should be completely unacceptable in pro sports and makes this league look bush. Apparently unwritten rules don't apply to CFL gms so Cohon definately needs to step in and do something.

Moreno was making bad reads and always chasing the play. He made a lot of tackles downfield after gains were made. He seldom stuffed the running back at the line. Sometimes trades dont work the way you want them to.

Apparently unwritten rules don't apply to CFL gms so Cohon definately needs to step in and do something.
Unwritten rules are not enforceable...and arguably not rules at all

The league will be more than happy to sweep this under the rug.

But go ahead, knock yourself out, send all the emails you want.

Drexl, took you advice and e-mailed the league. Doubt if anything will be done about it, but if enough people do it at least they will know that a lot CFL, not just Cat fans, are suspicious of just what transpired.

Don't try to make excuses for a terrible deal.

The CFL ultimately decided the terms of the deal...

Once OB found out Canada was ill, he could have called off the deal but he decided a draft pick was acceptable and went forward with this NEW deal, nothing fishy nothing criminal just a change in the deal. He really could have called it off and had Zeke back but he didnt so there is nothing the league can or will do about what OB decided was ok

I agree, but still teams should not be allowed to shop injured players around, get a team to agree to the trade, then fly that player to them, then all of a sudden turn around and go 'oh wait, the guy we traded to you is injured'.

Then they would have had to fly Moreno back and have to deal with a pissed off player.

Oh brother...

You do know that the league has to approve all trades, right?

The trade is a done deal and was ok'd by the league, no doubt about that. What everyone is pissed off about is the old "Bait and Switch" routine like it was an electronics store. Come buy our $100 GPS but when you get there guess what, they are all gone, but we have plenty of the $400 dollars ones. Let's make a deal.

I'll tell you if OBIE's policy is "we need
a strong core of nonimport players first
before we can compete for the GREY CUP"

Then be prepared to wait until year
2012 for we have a winning team.

I don't agree with his policy.

Fair enough, but that's hardly the Bombers fault.

Obie shoulda just walked outta the store...

Yes he should have, but he would have been leaving with his own damaged goods, a player that knew he wasn't wanted here.

I just can't help but believe that the Bombers knew this all along and played Obie like an old fiddle.

True…but he also coulda shopped somewhere else. Seems to me Obie wanted to get rid of Moreno as soon as he could. What other reason could there be?

Obie’s been around a long time, and as much as I like Taman, I don’t think he could’ve pulled something like this on Obie

And what you think every other gm was clueless also? They knew Obbie was in a desperate situation and weren't going to make a fair offer.

Still not the Bomber's problem.

This is nonsense. Moreno's a professional, he would deal with being 'unwanted'. If he couldnt understand what obie was trying to do (get a decent player in Canada) then the guy needs to grow up.

If Obie wanted to call off the deal and bring moreno back he could have.. and moreno would be back in black and gold next game and the trade never happened. But Obie wanted to make a deal and took the draft pick.