FLIGHT not living up to the HYPE!

Now the guy is a bit rusty and the talent bar has been raised in the CFL since he played, I get that, but that interception he let go was unbelievable, and last time I checked, there wasn't a rule anywhere that said that Winnipeg has to hid and lose when we are about to beat a team and be #1 in the league.

unless AJ3 breaks out in the next few games, I don't see him playing pass this season.

what are your comments, my fellow BB fans?

give him 1-2 mor games, then replace him, i'm sure he ain't cheap, and he's not performing! the blocking on special teams needs work too though! special teams were below average last night.

I say keep him for the rest of the season, and if he does not perform better, cut him in the off season and look for a better returner.

We've only played 3 teams that all have a good special team. Getting penalties on every run doesn't help either. Let's see what will happen once we get to play other teams. Just a thought. Starting to feel like there are only four teams in this league.

I think this could actually be the make or break game for AJ111.....he is at the bottom end of the league average in KR & PR, and that fumble sure didnt help his case....he has to break out against EE or I think he will be gone.....

i love how everyone is being so hard on aj111. the way i see it he has only fumbled once. stokes would fumble three times a game and always run backwards and everyone was still singing his praises. no returner this year has done anything because of the new blocking rules. give the guy a break.

I'd agree that no returner this year has done much.
As far as Stokes, he might fumble the ball, but atleast he gets a TD here and there. He reminds me of C. Roberts, always running around and trying to make something happen. You have to admit, Roberts and Stokes are fun to watch.

AJ just seems to be out of gas, or his mind is on other things. I'd just as soon have Regimbald back there, kinda Paul Bennett style.
But hey, I'm all for giving him a few more games to get with the program.

Is Henri Childs quick?
I haven't seen him play, maybe he could have a go at it.

The last time AJ played in Edmonton he had over 400 yards combined including a TD return on a missed field goal, even a fraction of that tonight would be welcome.

i agree that roberts is fun to watch. stokes was exceedingly painful to watch. although i am sure fans from our opponents found him fun to watch. i would take aj3 any day over him. actually i would take any returner in the league over stokes. having said that i would be interested to see childs get a return or two just to see if he could do anything. i suspect not though as we have zero coverage. anytime aj does break through it is called back due to an illegal block.

I totally agree!

Albert is fine, its only a matter of time before he breaks one. If he continues to struggle at Punt Return put Thurman back there and leave Johnson on the Kick Returns.

i say put henri childs as punt returner he looks like he could spin off a few guys and make some jukes also i really do think AJ sucks no offense to him but hes lost his talent and he is not welcome in WPG anymore

AJ3 didn't hold on to the ball and fumbled it on a play where I think the Bombers had the ball, but the refs gave it to Edmonton instead, and Berry could challenge (you gotta pace yourself mate!), still AJ3 DID fumble in the first place.

outlook isnt so good for him unless he has a break out game, Stegail doing all the work for him.

10.5 PR average is solid, he out returned Tompkins so thats saying something. But again his head of late hasnt been in the game with a fumble in each of the past 2 games.

It’s nice to hear someone mention Bennett, my favourite player back in the day. I’ve been wondering about Childs returning kicks, too. AJIII isn’t doing much and it would give a talented player more time on the field. I say it’s worth a try.

It might have something to do with the extra weight he had to put on when he went to the NFL... he's bigger than I remember him being, and he's probably lost some of speed because of it. Maybe because of it he changes the way he approaches his game.

i think hes still in NFL mode. The NFL special teams and CFL Special teams are black and white. The NFL, on punt returns, its good if you can scoop up a few yards, but usually they dont get a return because the covergae is there and they need to fair catch. In the CFL, you gotta return the ball everytime and turn on the jets. The NFL is pick and choose and if you choose to return it, usually its just a plow for a few yards.

Can't say I have ever heard coach Berry mention anything about him. He's usually pretty vocal about his concerns. Once it gets cold it's always nice to have a short field. Sure is hard to find fault when things are going so well isn't it?