Flick's Random Thought

Now that a day had passed and I had a chance to reflect on what transpired. I would like to take this time and say thank you to all that made my stay in Hamilton so pleasant. I have built some solid relationships with members of the community and that would have never happened if I didn't come to "the hammer" as a member of the Hamilton Tigercats.

Despite my departure, I am very excited to move onto the next phase of my career with the Saskatchewan Roughriders. Some have asked me how I feel about living in the praires. The truth is, Regina is still a bigger city than the amish country here in Pennsylvania.

Once again, thanks for all the memories and if your looking for a second favorite CFL team. I can think of one off the top of my head.

Truly a class act. Best of luck.

if this is you flick good luck and nobody can fault you for the stats you had. you have some years left to excel i just hope you dont do it against us. im sure you feel differently.

Thanks again,

Stranger things have happened in the CFL, hopefully one day you'll come home if the circumstances are right.

Good Luck

You will be missed. good luck

Man, I always thought it was great the way you posted on the old TICAT site, and your words today are much appreciated. You know if there is one team in this league with fans ALMOST as great as TICAT fans, it has to be Saskatchewan. Have a great season!

DJ I wish you all the Best..
was hoping to get Autograph for Brother Son..
at Tranning Camp. :frowning:

But I will be Cheering for you and Wayne..

All the best DJ. You'll find that Rider fans are just as passionate about their football as we are.
Best of luck.

D.J. you will have to speak to that Sask. safety who rang your bell after a long catch last year.
I think it was our first play of the game and it ended your evening.
Your a tough guy, and I wish you good luck!

Keep your head up, your dedication to the game and positive attitude will be much appreciated in Saskatchewan.

Good luck DJ ... bet you will never forget game 1 in 2004

Have a great year MR. Flick You will be missed in Hamilton.... All the best.. Make sure you still make some post's here during the season, we won't tell any Riders fans, promise

What a class act; truly refreshing to see in a sports universe peopled by arrogant sob's who get way more attention than they deserve.

Mr. Flick you just zoomed way up in my estimation, way up.

Best of luck to you DJ. You truly are a class act. Road trips just won't be the same without you. I want to thank you for being a wonderful asset to the city and being so great to the fans here. My daughters will miss you. Don't be too hard on us when you come back to play. :wink:

Well DJ...if you had to get traded I couldn't think of a better place for you to go than my second favourite team. Those Rider fans are every bit as passionate about their football, if not more than Hamilton's.

I know that Riderville is happy to have both you and Wayne. You guys will be fan favourites out there too!

Sandy and I wish you the best of luck! We look forward to seeing you back in Hamilton, even if wearing "Green"...lol.

By the way...living in Amish country did you ever get to try to team some horses? If you are any good at it...you'd fit right in, in Wroxeter! :wink: You never know too, you might get your chance out there in the prairies. :lol:

All the best to you and your family! :thup: :thup:

Yeah, whatever!....See ya!.... you punk!

:lol: .....hahaha

Serious, good luck Deej and your wife.....

( Poor Meghan's heart is broken now......too bad, so sad!) :stuck_out_tongue: ....sick of seeing that #82 jersey on her back all the time anyhow....lol

Maybe we can all do "Boston Pizza" when you play here.....
that would be nice....

Good Luck D.J.You are truely a class act.You will be missed.

Hey DJ, Now you can start Posting Here! http://www.riderfans.com/forum/forumdisplay.php?f=4

lol. Anyways, Im very thankful your coming to saskatchewan. I truly Believe your the missing link to our team.


why is boston pizza in quotes? is this some sort of euphamism mikey? (credit corner gas... what do you mean its "free" is it not really free?)

Its funny you say that DJ, the Ticats are my 2nd favourite team.

That said, I’d like to welcome you to the Saskatchewan Roughriders where football is a religion. I’ve always thought of you as a underrated receiver and when I heard that we traded for ya yesterday I couldn’t of been more happier. Crash and other Ticats fans have told me nothing but good things about ya and I’m looking foward to seeing ya in the Green and White.